Drumond Park Rattle Me Bones Competition

I am glad that Drumond Park have started launching new games because we had got to the stage we owned just about every single one, which obviously shows just how good they are, but we were ready to face a fresh challenge! Rattle Me Bones (RRP £22.99) is that game indeed, something to keep you all on the edge of your seats!!! So if your children are aged 5+ breathe a sigh of relief you now have a NEW Drumond Park game for their Christmas wish lists – one without a tome of instructions to deceiver come Christmas morning!!!

Now my boys are eight and six they do like to go off and play board games together, the other day they got a stack out and worked their way through them whilst I put the mammoth pile of washing away (life as a mum is nothing short of being rock and roll!). Thankfully Rattle Me Bones is another they can play without needing any help, it’s exciting but uncomplicated so if you need time to get on with the boring tasks they can play without supervision.

It does get your pulse racing as you try and stealthfully take Cap’n Boney most prized possessions (including off his skeleton – including a Dagger, a Sceptre, a Medal, a Gauntlet, a Necklace, a Purse and a Watch). If whilst stealing one of his treasures you hesitate or you’re not quite sneaky enough then heaven help you he will “rattle his bones” rather dramatically!

It’s full of suspense as you quickly try and master your motor skills making sure you take those “spoils” as delicately as possible. The spinner lets you know what coloured item you have to collect, so you cannot necessarily go for the one that looks the easiest to pinch! You can make it even more fun and don on your pirate clothes (raid the fancy dress box!) and speak like an authentic buccaneer (say landlubber, walk the plank, “arrrr” “you scurvy seadog!” on repeat!). But even without all those fancy extra’s you can be happily occupied here for ages.

For stockists and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com, you swashbucklin’ scallywags also have an opportunity to win your own game here, just fill out the form below by the 3rd of October (and have a present for the Christmas stash me hearties!).
Rattle Me Bones Game

181 thoughts on “Drumond Park Rattle Me Bones Competition

  1. My boys would love this they love playing with different board games, and this is so much more fun then any of the ones we currently have. I know this would really get their interest.

  2. One of my little people has a curious fascination with skeletons along with a sharp sense of humour so she'd love this game.

  3. My daughters birthday is coming up and this is one game she would definitley love to play with her older brother 🙂

  4. we love playing games as a family but must have 100s that weve played over and over so it would be nice to add a new one to the collection

  5. I would love to win this as a new game is always welcome in our family for our Sunday afternoons family time.Everyone has to leave computers, mobile phones and games consoles and dedicate their time to the family with a good walk with the dog followed by games or creative activities- healthy quality time

  6. I would give this to my son who thinks he is a little pirate, we also love games we can play together as a fmaily x

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