Fashionable Jumpers

I think its time to get my winter wardrobe ready! We had a brief respite from the cold the
last couple of days but I should not rest on my laurels, the temperature will
drop again and I need to be prepared. I
love hoodies normally but as I am nearing 40 my taste is slowing changing. I do not like admitting to it, as it would
mean I accept that I am getting older!!! 
But slowly and surely I am filling my wardrobe with more traditional
items, jumpers without slogans but thankfully still ones that have hoods (I
still like keeping warm that hasn’t changed!) and knitwear that my mum would
probably approve of. I guess its only
natural we turn into our own parents eventually, growing up I never thought I
would say all the things my mum did, it seemed to ruin the fun of being a child
somehow but here I am doing the exact same things myself (sit tidy, quiet down
now, be careful and on the list goes!).

This season it’s apparently all about polo necks, those jumpers are not just to
cover hickeys after all and have some fashion value. Personally I do not like them as I am not a fan of material
covering my neck. But Woolovers seem to have spotted the trend and are stocked up on high necks. I did wear them in my youth but only to hide those love bites from my mum.

Red is huge this season, I love the colour its bright and
vivid, much like I used to be until I became a tired and washed out mum of two, so
it reminds me of a time I had more energy… but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

If your jumpers are not red they should be check
patterned. Velvet is having a resurgence too, but I think I will leave both of these trends out of my list when jumper shopping! Some velvet can be tricky to wash and I have enough problems as it is getting to the bottom of the never ending pile, the last thing I need is hand washing to do too.

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