Hotel Tycoon Game Review and Competition

Now my oldest is eight he likes board games with some
strategic thinking. He can happily play
the same game for hours whilst youngest bless him gets fed up, he wants a quick
turnaround of games, nothing he has to concentrate for too long. But that’s understandable seeing as he is
still six; nonetheless the buildings in the Hotel Tycoon game intrigued
him. They do make the game look quite
appealing; they are all very different and make you feel eager to travel the
world in real life!

Youngest enjoys making things so thought building the hotels
was an interesting challenge in itself. 
Thankfully once built you can keep them safely in the box so you can
start the game more quickly in future. 
But I would say to get the most out of this game it helps to play with
children 8+.

The idea here is you keep playing until all the other
players are bankrupt. It’s not an easy
path to victory you do have to be lucky with the dice; if you are unfortunate
you could keep being denied planning permission! In principle it’s much like a game of Monopoly but with a more
attractive visuals, the buildings are themed and colourful and to be honest we
have played Monopoly so many times before we welcomed a change. Its not as simple as landing on a space you
do need to get the go ahead to be allowed to build your property, so it’s a
useful way to educate children in real estate. 
On top of that it teaches them the more luxurious your hotel the more
you can charge players for coming to stay, so development is essential
depending on funds of course! Unlike
Monopoly you cannot land on your property you have to have an entrance to catch
them out/encourage them to stay.

I think that Hotel Tycoon from Esdevium
is a lovely gift idea for Christmas, let’s be honest the nights are
drawing in already, its time to quickly restock the games cupboard for some
quality family winter entertainment. 
Days stuck indoors can be long but with the right games everyone can
have an enjoyable time. Further more it’s
a great game to encourage your children to strive, to aim to be a tycoon! Why settle for anything but being the top
dog and making a fortune in the process.

You can find stockists on the Hotel Tycoon website,
it usually has an RRP of Β£24.99 but some retailers are offering it at a steal
at the moment (Amazon Β£14.99 but not sure how long that bargain will last!), so
snap up the game whilst its on offer and add it to your Christmas stash!

I have a copy to giveaway here if you would like to
enter please fill out the form below by the 18th of October.

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135 thoughts on “Hotel Tycoon Game Review and Competition

  1. I love anything to do with 'Tycoon' Games, I remember when I was younger I had most tycoon games on PC my favourite used to be airline tycoon πŸ™‚ I would love to win this board game!

  2. Our family have never played this but it looks very similar to Hotel that a friend had when I was a child.

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