lights in our house are a bit hit and miss, we have one literally hanging off
the side of the wall (electrician to be arranged when funds allow) and lots of
dated industrial looking light fittings! Having once
been a business it was all about practicalities not beauty and so we really
need to invest some money lighting up our house! We have made some progress, we had the strip light out of our living room and replaced with two separate lights instead.

We also have an attractive ceiling rose which has a big fat light wedged into it…
obviously it adds a lot of light into the hallway but it’s hardly the entrance
you want when people are first invited inside. I
would love to get a chandelier something glitzy and sparkly to make an impact, I am
hoping we can salvage the ceiling rose when we made the change.

can be very expensive to buy so ideally we can use it again. The cornices
and ceiling rose add real character to our house, it needs every little bit
that remains because when it was used as a business it lost many of its
features whilst fire doors, a fire escape and emergency signs were added here
there and everywhere…

not just buying the light fittings and the cost of the electrician to install
them, it’s the sheer number of bulbs we actually need! Our
electricity bill is going up at the rate of knots, my spreadsheet is groaning
under all our monthly outgoings! We need to try and be more economical with
electricity. One way to do this would be to replace all our bulbs
with energy saving versions; they have a few deals over at bulbs2go.

But my main focus is
encouraging everyone to TURN THE LIGHTS OFF in the rooms they are not
using! Makes sense you would think but sometimes our house
may as well be part of the Blackpool illuminations as no one else would seem to
agree with my attitude for saving electricity!!! Maybe
sensor lights would have got around the problem, with them leaping into action with the
slightest movement, but knowing my luck the dog would activate them all whilst
she chases round the house like a lunatic or the bigger spiders that seem to
pop up lately might activate them as they do the rounds crawling around everywhere (eeek!).

would love to one day showcase my house to you, but at the moment only tiny
sections of the house are really fit for viewing! The
rest is a bit of a shambles, rooms where the door is closed until further
notice… (so its to be continued!).

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