Introducing Hartley’s ® What’s Your Flavour

two are always partial to some jelly; it’s a birthday party staple and a
welcome pudding any time of the year. 
They quite like being involved in making up the jelly, they feel useful
and get something tasty to enjoy afterwards, so it’s a win win situation

do not rule it out as a dessert just for the kids, with new products from Hartley’s
transforming jelly into a thrilling snack you might find yourself tucking in
just as earnestly as your children. I
for one never even knew glitter jelly existed… (I am rather excited by this and
will be keeping an eye out for it in the supermarket!).

were overjoyed to see the Hartley’s ® What’s
Your Flavour delivery arrive, it’s the latest product from Harley’s and looks
set to be another success story!

Looking forward to creating my favourite flavour #hartleys #jelly x

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I mean
what’s not to love about choosing your most favourite flavour of jelly! Why be restricted to the flavours that exist
already when you can experiment and come up with your own in the comfort of
your home.

I think this is what appealed to my children; they have
creative minds and like the thought that they are in charge of the
process. Jelly making WILL never be the
same in our household now, because they are concocting new flavours ALL the
time, striving to find the most perfect jelly flavour known to mankind… (watch this space!).

We were given a fair few packs so I
suggested to eldest would he like to share one with his best friend, he looked
horrified at the thought of sharing such a precious new product!!! Yes really jelly is something to be hung onto and cherished apparently! Although
when I make myself an adult version (coke and amaretto possibly) then perhaps I will feel exactly the same.

I really do love the
concept and it’s so simple, basically you use the magic mixture (no cutting up
cubes, but sadly none to gobble up straight from the pack either!) with 300ml hot water then add 200ml of whatever your favourite drink
is. The boys spotted daddy’s Cherry
Coke bottle in the fridge and quickly declared THAT was going to be their

I really liked how it looked
when it set, complete with lots of bubbles set into the jelly (we also used some plastic shot glasses so you could see for yourself). Eldest said he could taste the fizz and to be honest you
really could.

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