Not ready for winter

is drawing in, this morning youngest insisted on wearing his thicker winter
coat, you can feel the crisp chill in the morning especially when doing the
school run. It’s only a matter of time before I dig out their vests
for an extra layer to keep them comfortable…

I do not feel like we have had a proper glorious
summer, we just had a few days of relatively warm weather and lots of rainy
days in between! My batteries have not been recharged ready for the
long cold spell we have ahead of us. If the news reports are
accurate we could be in for one hell of a winter… a 5 month arctic freeze apparently!

It’s time to make some preparations
ahead. Our blankets have been washed ready for cosy evenings on the
sofa and hubbie will start searching for wholesome soup recipes (the kitchen is
quite warm when the oven is on so winter see’s lots more cooking taking
place!). We are not quite as prepared as we hoped; the ceilings in
two rooms are still waiting to be completed, our log burner yet to be installed
and even extra furniture we hoped to buy to fill rooms to conserve heat never
happened!!! So I feel we are not quite ready for the next few
testing months in an old cold big house. It’s not like we can
quickly get the work sorted either, it’s so expensive having renovation work
and our pot is well and truly empty!

have decided to cheer things up in the garden though; it’s surprising how much
heat you can get from the Chimenea burning
random bits of wood, the dog is forever finding sticks for us to keep it topped
up and smores are very tasty to eat whilst you bask in the
warmth! But as the nights draw in early as we get closer to
Christmas, we plan on having more outside lights; they are not too expensive
from Scotlight Direct so we can manoeuver around
the garden safely coming back from playdates and after school clubs.

Anyone else feeling disheartened about winter 2015 already!

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