Our Frankie and Benny’s Lunch #frankiesfav

We set off to Frankie and Benny’s in Eagle
Meadows Wrexham to review the new menu. 
I had high hopes for our meal as I am a big fan of Frankie and Benny’s
as a rule anyway and fortunately yet again they excelled themselves with
attentive service and lovely food. The
new menu focuses on fresh food and Italian classics we all love with a chance
for fans of the restaurant to share their experiences with the hashtag #frankiesfav,
if you follow the hashtag you can see lots of mouth-watering dishes at Frankie
and Benny’s nationwide that other customers are enjoying.

This time I had two close friends with me as the boys were
at school. It was a leisurely lunch and
a real bargain, all three of us had starters, mains and desserts and a fizzy
pop each with unlimited refills for £45. 
The portion sizes were good for the price and the food was presented
well and looked and tasted appetising. 
Normally I stick to two courses when eating out but it seemed a shame
not to review the menu more comprehensively so in the interests of a thorough
review we might have eaten rather too much!!!

If your worried how you would
squeeze in dining at Frankie and Benny’s in your lunch hour from work fear not,
you can let the server know you would like a speedy lunch and food will be
served and the bill presented in a record time of 40 minutes. If they do not achieve that they will give
you a free lunch next time! Worth
putting them to the challenge and seeing how they cope anyway. The waiting staff were very responsive,
noticing when top ups were needed or plates to be cleared up, so I am sure they
could manage perfectly.

We picked the Garlic Mushrooms and both of the Amazing
Skins. Usually I choose Crispy Bacon
and Cheddar as standard but this time I did a swap and had one of them and one
of the Goats Cheese and Homemade Bruschetta Mix that my friend ordered. The combination of the goats cheese and tomato
was wonderful and I think I will be more willing to try new flavours as Frankie
and Benny’s seem very talented at picking out ones that work well together!

#frankieandbennys really enjoyed the goats cheese potato skins #frankiesfav x

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Then we had the BBQ Chicken Wrap (£6.95), the Ultimate Hot
Dog (£7.95) and the Pulled Chicken Sandwich (£7.95). As delicious as they were none of us could quite finish our
meals, at the back of our mind we wanted to save some space for desserts but
mainly because they were a generous serving. 
The only thing I would have changed was my coleslaw was a bit too
creamy, you did not have any of the crunch of carrot or cabbage I like but I am
sure some people prefer it that way. As
always the golden fries were heavenly!

My two reviewer helpers did me proud at #frankieandbennys #frankiesfav had a lovely meal x

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Despite being quite full at this point I made light work of
my Brownies and Ice Cream dessert, it was incredible, the right balance of
cream, ice cream and brownies. I have
reviewed previously a different Frankie and Benny’s and they went a bit
overboard with the squirty cream but here they got it just right.

Chocolate brownies definately one of my #frankiesfav #review #frankieandbennys x

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My friends Cinnamon Waffle Crunch looked enticing so next
time I visit I will order one of them.

Even with just writing my review my tummy is growling it
wants a return trip to eat there all over again!

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