SKY Kids DIY Den Kit

were gifted a lovely Spongebob themed DIY Den Kit from SKY Kids to keep the
boys amused over the bank holiday weekend.

A spongetastic delivery from Sky Kids to encourage the boys #denbuilding skills #spongebob #mummybloggers #skytv #skykids

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It was packed with essentials to entertain the boys, colouring,
headphones to listen to music, a game to play and a Spongebob plush each for
them to cuddle. I was very grateful for
the delivery, as it can be tiring work keeping my two occupied especially when
the weather isn’t always on our side…

help with the actual den building we had been sent a double sheet and a soft
and cosy Spongebob blanket, then we improvised with what we had in the
house. Our EZ-Fort
helped with the frame, its still going strong over two years later, the
boys return to it every now and then to help them achieve their den building

Creating a den is a great way for children to be creative
coming up with a viable structure; we had a few collapsed attempts I can tell
you! But its trial and error to get one
that will stay up long enough to take a photograph!!! Once a strong enough version is built children feel like they
have their own little space to relax and unwind in. Youngest liked very happy with himself, tucked up in this den.

have not had the best of weather this summer so den building is one way to keep
children happy if it’s wet outside. 
After a busy den building session there is nothing like curling up
together on the sofa (or still in your den perhaps!) and watching some family
programmes on SKY. Even more so now
that the Sky Kids library
is expanding from 700 to 4,000 episodes. 
I think its always nice watching something together; otherwise we tend
to be on the go 24/7, filling the day with lots of fresh air and activities,
that downtime watching TV is a very welcome rest! The boys have there favourite characters, Spongebob being one of them so you can probably guess what we plan on watching first.

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