Sponsored Video: The Laughing Cow and My Mini Cravings

I thought I had seen and enjoyed cheese in every possible format; it’s been in triangles, sprayed out of a can, in string form and all soft and squidgy on crackers. But I really LOVE this new product from The Laughing Cow, its ingenious, tiny cubes just the right size to take the edge off your hunger and satisfy your taste buds! Cheese like you have never seen it before with the added excitement of tempting flavours.

Usually when I fancy a snack I get lured into the biscuit tin so having a delicious alternative like this might stop me eating quite so much sugar. Plus the novelty really appeals; anything different gets my attention straight away and cheese has never been packaged like this before! So be a trendsetter and stock up with these individual foil portions. Your cheese board will never look the same again… the dinky little cubes are just too precious! Although I doubt they will last long enough for you to set out the crackers you will have popped them into your mouth one after another.

Ham and herb sounds positively divine, I cannot wait to head to the supermarket and stock up. My youngest is a huge cheese fan, so introducing him to these Mini Cravings might educate his palate and convince him to try new stronger flavours. Although if he does end up enjoying them, does it mean I would have to share? With ten million portions of The Laughing Cow cheese being enjoyed daily maybe I could just buy in bulk to satisfy the cravings of everyone in the family!!!

The Laughing Cow was created back in 1921 so they have YEARS of experience transforming cheese, so if they think the time has come to embrace cubes with these delectable Mini Cravings I am more than happy to join the revolution…

This post has been sponsored by The Laughing Cow, but all thoughts are my own

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