The Cost of Dating

All you need is love they say, well that and a fair bit of cash too it would seem, especially if you are dating in one of the most expensive countries. If you live in Geneva you might have to fast track the relationship because all that wining and dining will soon leave your bank account empty!!! Although London is the 6th most expensive city from the 8 mentioned, so again you might not want to spend too long in restaurants, cinema’s and cocktail bars before tying the knot and settling down to a life of domestic drudgery!!!

Dating these days involves hubbie making me a cuppa, us tucking under blankets and watching Netflix for hours! Which to be honest is probably a good thing as I had not realised just how costly dating had got… it’s a long time since we first stepped out together 9 years ago. One cinema trip could actually pay for Netflix for MONTHS, so I think I will stick with my frugal dating.

Looking at this infographic below from CurrencyFair your best bet if you need to do some serious swooning is to fly your loved one to Madrid as it’s considerably cheaper for those all important first dates than the likes of London (a £45 saving per date!).

The Cost Of A Date Worldwide

I like how the infographic offers suggestions to do dates on a budget in each location; I think it’s worth any Casanova paying attention to that section. They do not have to spend to be romantic most cities have beautiful natural attractions or free galleries to stroll around, hands linked together, lost in each other’s company it would not matter where you were, then you could enjoy a picnic on a shoe string if money is especially tight!

When your loved one is smitten you’re best sticking to the cheaper attractions and free sites then when they become more discerning up the game with the cinema and cocktails.

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