Time to get a greenhouse

boys loved fruit
and vegetable picking
so much I think it would be great if we could do more
at home. The only problem is I am not sure what would actually
flourish under my not very green hands! My
taid (granddad) was a natural in his own garden, I fondly remember going to his
house as a child, he had a big rambling garden with two greenhouses and a large
vegetable plot. He competed in shows getting ribbons for his efforts,
he had everything possible growing somewhere on his land. We
would help him digging in the soil for potatoes and picking tomatoes and
cucumbers from the plants in the greenhouse.

so wish I could time travel back to his garden with my own boys, they would
have been in their element joining him. He was
passionate about gardening; people always spoke very highly of him, possibly I
have inherited some his gardening genes so I should stop putting off tackling
our garden and get on with it!

If we do decide to get a greenhouse ourselves it’s
important we regulate the temperature so I will invest in a thermometer to keep an eye on things, I can remember summer can get quite sweltering and
even the hardiest of plants might find it a bit tropical in there! So do
control the climate inside by checking out your options for window openers to get the air flowing
inside and water regularly otherwise you may find everything wilting in the

Where we went fruit picking they had the luxury of automatic water sprinklers but we
would not have that much to spend, so it will be the kids and I with our trusty
watering can trying to keep on top of things, fortunately the boys love playing
with water so they will probably end up soaked through but the vegetables might
get a lengthy drink in the process…

It’s best to pick plants that are easy to grow so
children can see results, if nothing is really happening or the plants keep
dying they will quickly lose interest. You
can even use your greenhouse throughout the year according to this article
from The Telegraph although watch out for frost; try keeping things cosy
with horticultural fleece if it gets
particularly cold. Then your children can have little gardening jobs all year round.

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