Win a Apple and Ginger Print of Your Choice

have teamed up with the extremely talented graphic designer and illustrator Rachael from Apple and Ginger to giveaway one of
her wonderful prints. If my boys had been younger I would have gladly
reviewed instead but least this way one of my followers will benefit from a
lovely new print for their little one.

Each print is bright and
colourful just the thing to appeal to children and their vivid imaginations. It’s fabulous that
you can personalize the print with their name or an important date, if your
child is a fan of buses or other vehicles what better present than a print with
a bit of Apple and Ginger magic! Just looking into the print they will be transported
into a world of make believe.

Rachael has taken inspiration
from real life trains, balloons and buses and transformed them into a
delightful vibrant versions ideally suited for playrooms and nursery’s. So much care and
attention has been spent creating pictures children will adore yet the price is
still very affordable, starting from £18 for unframed prints. You can choose
whether to have the optional quote or not, so it’s good you have some
flexibility with how you want your print to look. If you decide to
pay extra to have your print framed then its handy to know that it has safety
acrylic which is far more difficult to break than glass, safety is always
important when dealing with youngsters.

Currently you can pick from
bus, fire engine, ice cream van, train, aeroplane, digger, balloons or tractor,
but Rachael has plans to extend the range. My eldest went
through a stage of being obsessed with diggers so I would definitely have
bought him a print back then. He had the vehicles, books, dvds and a hardhat he was
all set for life working on a building site and would have been delighted with
a digger with his name on to put up on his wall.

If you would like to enter the giveaway please fill
out the form below by the 5th of October.

Win a Apple and Ginger Print

97 thoughts on “Win a Apple and Ginger Print of Your Choice

  1. I've never heard of Apple & Ginger. Nice site: nice shop.
    Love the plain English titles, for example, Train Picture. Can't go wrong with that!

  2. Because they are eye-catching, beautiful and can be personalised. My son would love the fire-engine and my daughter would love the ice-cream van 🙂

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