World of Warriors Healthy Lunchtimes and a Competition

the first day back at school for my little warriors so it’s a good day to
launch my latest competition to win a World
of Warriors
 lunchbox bundle. 
It was with mixed emotions eldest went back to school, full of nervous
excitement and a touch of sadness that the summer he said was his most
enjoyable yet was now over! So in case
we have other children feeling the same I thought this lovely competition is
sure to cheer them up, see the picture below of the lunchbox, drink bottle and snack box prize but you also get the warrior rucksack to get your lunch to school safely.

Mind Candy’s™ World of Warriors™ want
to make going back to school as enjoyable as possible and what better way than with a thrilling new lunchbox. I remember
getting so excited picking out my new items for school; it was part of the
build up that seemed to settle me quicker into my next class. Plus children love seeing what brands their
friends have and what characters everyone likes at the moment.

If you children have packed lunches it can be tricky
finding healthy options they will eat, that is not the same BORING option every
day. Children need some variety to look
forward to opening their lunch box! I
did try packed lunches for a short spell but I found eldest came back with an
almost full lunchbox each time!!! I am
not sure if it was the food I was offering him or the fact he knew the less he
ate the quicker he got to play outside in the school field!

are in school a long time though so need to have a nourishing lunch to keep
them going, learning, playing and thriving. 
You need to motivate them to eat up what is offered so they are in a
better position to cope with the challenges of the school day. Child nutrition consultant Charlotte
Stirling-Reed said it’s important to “offer a really well balanced meal in
their lunchbox” and went on to say, “Associating popular characters with
healthy food choices is an excellent idea”.

Try and make the lunchbox appealing
in some way, not only by having their favourite characters like World of Warriors™ but by adding
a note or a joke even, colourful napkins or even try bento if you feel very
creative! I like how Charlotte
Stirling-Reed suggests getting children involved in their lunches, picking out
the fruits and vegetables, helping write shopping lists and of course listening to their
preferences. Together you will
hopefully come up with a range of healthy options that will keep both parent and child
happy! In the boys school anything that
is uneaten is returned so you get an accurate gauge of how much your child has
managed to eat, but it is worth bearing in mind that some schools throw away the contents so its worth talking to
your school if you think your child is eating less but still coming home with an
empty lunchbox.

To enter the giveaway
please fill out the form below by the 23rd of September.

World of Warriors Lunchbox Giveaway

94 thoughts on “World of Warriors Healthy Lunchtimes and a Competition

  1. Ham butties (only cut into triangles) … yoghurts (only the squeezy ones) …. and Juice (only in his yellow cup) LOL xx

  2. I'm really struggling with lunches this year. All of the sudden my daughter has gone really picky and isn't eating her pack lunches. Normally though, I give her loads of small grazing options like bits of ham, grapes, yogurt tubes, etc.

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