Celebrating Family Meal Time with Center Parcs #cpfamilytime

We all tend to lead such busy
hectic lives that you can forget the importance of the simplest things like
sitting down together as a family to eat dinner. We try and eat together every night only with the very rare
exception when hubbie has to work late, we try and keep this to an absolute
minimum as the boys benefit with time with the both of us. Once they are in bed we can address our
outstanding commitments but until then it’s so important to carve out some time



Let’s all hang on to those moments as our children grow up
so quickly. They will look back at
their childhood and cherish the time you spent together, chatting round the
dinner table, listening to their jokes and opening up a conversation about
their day, an insight you might never get otherwise. Mealtimes might be messy and at times stressful (trying to coax
our reluctant little eaters) but they are a time you all have each others
undivided attention, so make some memories and laugh a lot! I still giggle at a video of my youngest
taken when he was only three eating spaghetti.
He might be covered in tomato sauce all over his chin but the obvious
delight on his face at having everyone focus on him as he quickly sucks up his
spaghetti still warms my heart. Now the
boys are older mealtimes are a little less wild but they still form an
important part of our day, its even more special when we include the
grandparents for bigger family get-togethers.



Center Parcs want to celebrate
those family meal times and have a wonderful competition currently running to
support that, you can win a bundle worth £300 with everything you could
possibly need to spend more quality time together as a family. This is their final competition in a series
of 3, so it’s your last chance to get your hands on this amazing prize!

How to Enter

It is very simple to enter just share a photo of your
family mealtime on their facebook
or twitter page (using the
hashtag #cpfamilytime). Make
sure you read the competition terms and conditions on the Center Parcs website,
especially taking note of the closing date (midnight Monday the 26th
of October).


1. Hold smartphone in selfie position

2. Turn camera on

3. Turn phone 180˚ away from you

4. Take photo of the scene around you

5. Upload to Facebook or twitter using #CPfamilytime


Good luck!

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