Ketchup TV Review and Competition

is nothing like a bit of downtime when you have children, snuggling up together
on the sofa watching one of their favourite shows. Nothing too taxing when they have had a busy day at school and
need a chance to unwind and forget about their troubles. With early starts lately my six year old can
be a proper grump after teatime, so letting him pick out something to watch
usually improves his mood no end.

like to monitor what they pick though as certain shows occasionally upset
him. For a while he would not sleep
with his soft toy in his bed of a night because one kids cartoon showed soft
toys coming to life and talking to their owners, which completely freaked him
out! Fortunately Ketchup TV has chosen the most perfect shows
for a younger audience each one featuring their favourite characters. Children 3+ will be very well catered with
the content on here. My two are still
fans of shows like Dinosaur Train and Pingu, but I know they would have enjoyed
the selection even more a few years back. 
Even better if your children want to watch different shows its not an
issue, you do not have to enter fraught negotiations about who’s programme goes
on first as fortunately you can stream the shows on up to three separate

think Ketchup TV is a better option than watching the same shows on television
because you do not have adverts to deal with, watching adverts with children in
the run up to Christmas can turn into a costly exercise! They want EVERYTHING they see, so actually
investing £2.29 a month to avoid hearing “I WANT” on repeat with increasing
regularity is a small price to pay. 
Plus you have the flexibility that you can cancel your subscription at
any time, so its something you can pick up and drop as and when is needed
(might be handy for school holidays!).

TV continually adds new content so your children will not tire of the
programmes on offer. I think its handy
being able to access shows when you are out and about on a smartphone or
tablet; a well-timed episode of Paddington might just be what’s needed to
distract children from a full on tantrum! 
Let’s be honest anything that makes life easier as a parent is a big
plus in my book.

your eager to give Ketchup TV a try now’s your chance as I am giving away codes
for a month’s trial to the first 50 people to tweet “I want a Free 30 day
trial watching @Ketchuptv_uk through @missingsleep giveaway”

and conditions apply

TV is owned by Video On Demand 365 Ltd, a privately owned company that was
founded in 2012.
Codes will be allocated one per individual
and no cash alternative will be offered.

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