Lonely Planet Kids New Titles

To coincide with Lonely Planet publishing four new
children’s books last month we were sent a lovely delivery to review.  Inside the rather fabulous case was the four
new titles, The Travel Book (£14.99), How to be an International Spy (£12.99),
You Rule (£9.99) and Adventures Around the Globe (£9.99).  If you have reluctant readers introducing
them to these fascinating titles will no doubt spark a love of books but its
much more than that these books ignite an interest in travel and adventure that
could stay with your child for a lifetime.
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These books really get your children thinking, we especially
liked You Rule, which takes you through what is needed to effectively run a
nation.  It shows how just how much you
need to consider when you decide to be a ruler, with real examples from history
to illustrate various points its very educational and interesting.  We liked the couple of included quizzes, its
great to see what government you should opt for depending on your personality,
I for one quite liked the answer “shut up and bring me my crown” so you can
imagine I want to be in charge!  The
book definitely gave us all an appreciation of our current rulers, as it’s not
as easy as you might think…

How to be an International Spy is a very detailed book about
everything spy related, it literally covers every aspect of being a successful
secret agent.  There is an exciting
section on invisible ink and how you can experiment separately with wax, fruit
juices and baking power to write hidden messages!  Your children will enjoy putting the theory into practise.  Once you have completed the book you will
probably be all set for a career in espionage, as it is so in-depth! 

Adventures Around the Globe is very interactive, you have
lots of activities to do as you turn the colourful pages like spot the
difference and navigating mazes, you also have stickers to apply to complete
scenes from around the world.  It is jam
packed with remarkable facts and you learn more about the most iconic sites as
you progress through the book.

The Travel Book is crammed with facts about ALL the
countries in the world; the text is broken up with lots of photography and
illustrations to maintain your child’s interest.  You literally feel like you have been on a non-stop tour of the
world when you read this book.  It’s
more than educating your child it’s immersing them in the wonders of the world
around them!

I have been unsure what to get the boys for Christmas
that is not computer game related but Lonely Planet Kids certainly make it much
easier to think of appealing presents.

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