Mission Accepted: Transforming Our Bedroom Challenge

Our bedroom needs a bit of a sprucing up, it’s lacking a
theme, well its also lacking flooring but I am not one to pick at details! We have little to spend though so I am
hoping by updating the duvet covers and cushions it will transform the
space. Dressing the bed is often
overlooked but very important giving the bedroom style and sophistication that
cannot be achieved with the furniture choice alone. Obviously getting the flooring laid will also improve matters no
end but for now I cannot afford another bulk laminate order and its cheaper to
focus on the bedding.

I was keen to be involved in this challenge by the Yorkshire Linen Co. as we are
currently using white bedding and combined with the magnolia walls its all a
bit dull really. Yes its fresh
apparently (modern, contemporary, minimalist, basically whatever the IN word is
these days!), but its not got depth of colours I crave. With Christmas on the way I thought
something red would be festive and then I saw this bedding with the little
hearts and thought I had found my ideal match for the time of the season and my
quest to have a theme.

Hubbie and I need to reconnect and what better way
than making our bedroom a more warm and welcoming retreat. Too much white can be clinical; I want
something comforting this winter and red is always a bold colour choice, one
that will not blend into the background. 
Feeling rather fanciful I have gone for a sheet with hearts on too
hopefully with all the hearts around us it’s sure to give our marriage a boost
of LOVE and affection. Any tired
frazzled parents of grumpy kids can probably relate…

Fair Isle Red Duvet Cover £14.99

Doily Hearts Fitted Sheet £8.99

However being your average mum I feel mean just focusing on
our bedroom though, the Yorkshire Linen Co. have so many lovely items for
children too. For eldest I love the
dinosaur theme, he has been more enthusiastic about them since watching
Jurassic World recently. Even though the
dinosaur looks quite ferocious he will still sleep soundly, he actually relates
more with the dinosaurs than the humans and was quite upset when they were in danger.

T-Rex Duvet Cover £16.99 at Yorkshire Linen

Terry Fitted Sheet Cream £6.99

Youngest is superhero mad, so this bright and
colourful set will be just the thing for him. He will dream about action packed adventures and rescuing pretty
damsels in distress from evil villains.

Marvel Avengers Team Duvet Cover £12.99

Terry Fitted Sheet Blue £6.99

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