My lack of exercise routine

difficult keeping fit; I do not want to commit myself to a gym membership, as I
tend to have an enthusiastic start that tails off after about a fortnight… I
was gifted membership once on my blog but it was very short lived! You had the regular energetic mum’s with
their tight fitting Lycra and comprehensive knowledge of all
the equipment then you had ME, who stood out like a sore thumb looking
completely out of her depth! I never had the strength to lift weights, I was always compared to Olive Oyl so not known for my strength of determination most likely in need of being rescued my Popeye.

the swimming pool is quite far away or I would put in a few lengths and get
active that way. But if you factor in
the journey time it eats up too much of the day when I have chores to do and
blog posts to write, well that and long drawn out lunches with the ladies!

I do would need to be quite flexible as my sticking power is not particularly
great and I do seem pushed for time. I
decided it would be a good idea to host a fundraiser for the school so I am committing
much of my time and energy to collecting prizes and drumming up interest in the

like to try new things of course and one day I might find the exercise routine
that suits me best and works around my schedule. Until then I really should slow down on eating cake, but its
difficult when your hubbie is so good at baking.

I needed some sugar to get over the shock of the spider! #chocolateorange #cupcakes x

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I know I cannot put it off forever so I have been looking through
my options and one possibility would be to hirea treadmill here then I would not have the financial burden of buying the
equipment outright. If it did not work
out I have only lost the time I have rented it whilst still not having to work
out with the Lyrca ladies, if I stumble head first off the treadmill they do
not have to see it… (True story I did fall off the bike in Spin class!).

think if your training for a marathon or something it might be useful to hire
in some extra equipment for a short space of time to train and build up your
stamina. But I don’t see myself running
a marathon any time soon…

I am off to put the kettle in all that thinking and writing about exercise has
quite exhausted me.

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