Og on the Bog Review

youngest at 6 is not as keen as his older brother to play board games, his
attention span is not as long and apart from his few favourite go to games he
always lets out an elaborate sigh when I say lets spend some family time playing
board games! Well that is unless the
game really appeals to him, then he will happily play it again and again. His new go to game is Og on the Bog
(rrp £22.99), which we were sent to review from our dear friends at Drumond
Park. This new game is completely on
his level, as he loves the hilarious toilet humour!

The aim of the game is that you carefully
steal Og’s toilet rolls before he notices and does a FART of epic proportions
that destroys his bog. Is the game
educational? Not particularly, but it’s very funny and entertaining for those
aged 5+. Plus like all games it encourages
children to take turns, which is still a valuable skill that should be fostered
from a young age. There is some element
of skill as you do need steady hands to take a loo roll without disturbing Og
on his “throne”, although its hard to concentrate with him trumping away loudly
from inside the bog. Cue much childish giggling even from adults playing this game…

Some might think this game is a little
crass but if it captures your child’s attention and gets them away from a
computer screen for a bit then its actually perfectly fine in my eyes. Kids are all about farts and poo at this
age, so its not like they need a game to fuel this behaviour as it comes quite naturally! All Drumond Park have done is capitalised on
a theme children seem to get a lot of enjoyment from, probably because they can
see us parents rolling our eyes in disapproval. But I bet you will find yourself joining in with this game!!!

will be giving a copy of this game away in October so do keep an eye on my blog as I have
a feeling many children would be happy with this game for Christmas. If you would like to see stockists please
head to the Drumond Park

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