Opening up about bladder sensitivity

one of those issues we rarely talk about with our nearest and dearest but often
after pregnancy things can be a bit tricky downstairs, you may notice if you
giggle too hard, cough or sneeze you have a little leak! You might feel mortified at the time but
adult incontinence is actually quite a common problem, effecting over 3.5 million British women. It’s more than likely many of your friends
have the exact same problem themselves but have felt too embarrassed to open up
about it.

Always Discreet
want to empower women so they do not feel they have to suffer in silence
instead finding the courage to openly discuss the issue with others. Sadly for many it is having a big effect on
their lives, impacting their self-confidence and general outlook on life. Many even feeling older than they are
because of the condition, according to the research carried out by Always
Discreet. I think it’s vitally
important to get involved in the campaign and spread the word to hopefully
reassure women it’s going to be okay.

birth of my eldest was quite traumatic I had a planned cut then additional
tearing and had to go to the operating theatre afterwards for corrective
surgery. The consultant did warn me
that I could have a problem with adult incontinence because of the extent of
the damage. I was quite fortunate and
healed well, but it was a big concern at the time, so I am keen to help open up
a conversation about an issue that can easily affect anyone.

Discreet have created a film with
documentary maker Flora Berkeley all about adult
incontinence filled with real women’s stories of their own experiences. It’s one valuable way of breaking the taboo
of bladder sensitivity and encouraging more to reach out for support from
others. You really feel like you can
relate to the women talking and make a real connection with what they are going
through. The video does give you the strength
to get help from your GP. I found my
midwife to be extremely supportive suggesting pelvic floor muscle exercises to
improve matters whilst I recovered.

Additionally the film emphasised that with the
right Feminine care products women can continue to feel attractive and carry on
their lives as normal. Christina Turner, Always Discreet Brand Manager
said of the Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder product “they are ultra
thin while providing the protection women need, meaning that they can dress and
move confidently without the worry of leaks

Campaign Ambassador and GP
Dr Sarah Jarvis has lots of worthwhile advice to help improve the
condition. Apparently our bladders are
trainable and their holding capacity can be built up over time, which is very
reassuring if you constantly have to sprint to the toilet in a panic! Sadly your glass of wine or cup of tea habit
could also be irritating your sensitive bladder so consider trying a break from
caffeinated and alcoholic drinks to see if you notice an improvement. But most of all share your feelings, talk it through with someone.

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