Othello Championship and Review

always love being introduced to new board games, my eldest at 8 is quick to
pick up the rules and it’s an enjoyable way to wile away an afternoon. So far we have had a fair few games of Othello
and more often than not he has beaten me. 

We love games that require some strategic thinking and
Othello was no exception. It’s simple
to get the hang of with quite clear instructions that will not take long to
decipher including diagrams of what is and is not allowed to happen in terms of
tile placement. You can feel quietly
confident and then the whole game changes in a few well-placed tiles. My eldest was good at thinking ahead whereas
I added my tiles each time and just hoped for the best. I have however managed to beat hubbie at a game, which pleased me no end.

Just beat hubbie at #othello and feeling victorious! #boardgames x

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Initially just looking
at the box I was not sure if this would be a game for our family, it looked
quite dry but I promise you its exhilarating stuff. We are completely hooked, it’s a two player but you can always
get other members of your family to play the winner so everyone can soon feel

eldest was quite interested when I told him about the World
Othello Championship being hosted in the University of Cambridge with
the winner being crowned on the 31st and getting $3000 prize
money. I think he hopes with enough
practice that might be him one day! 
Although with the likes of a leading mathematician from the prestigious
University of Cambridge (Professor Imre Leader) representing the UK at the
tournament it would be a challenge. 
Mind you he can take his time the event is on every year and has been
since the first in Tokyo back in 1977 (the tournament is older than me!).

will end the review there if I am quick enough I might get in another game
before bedtime!

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