Our October #netflixstreamteam viewing

month has been ALL about Son’s of Anarchy; on the recommendation of a
friend we started watching and are now well into series 2 after hungrily
watching a few episodes every evening. 
It’s quite a violent show and difficult to watch at times, yet it has
still captured and held my interest.

am even starting to slowly warm to some of the characters and sympathise with
their challenges keeping the innocents of Charming safe. The Son’s of Anarchy are big on revenge
which helps me handle most of the upsetting storylines, they like to put things
right even if at times you think the odds are stacked completely against
them. When justice is served you get a
huge sense of satisfaction. I would say
though not to get too attached to the characters because sadly not all are set
to stay (hubbie is still grumbling about the loss of one in particular!), with
5 more series to go I am sure lots more will change as we navigate our way
through the plot. If I am honest it’s
been novel having a break from vampires, werewolves and witches and focus on
some gritty real life issues!

also did try an episode of Reign as my friend said one of the characters
was quite dishy and I should look out for him, I have a feeling I will be watching
more as I love period shows and the first episode immediately caught my
attention, although the foaming at the mouth nun getting poisoned was not an
ideal start when eating my dinner! My
hubbie rolled his eyes, he is happy for biker gang wars but not for the goings
on in a royal court… but during the day I am sure I can squeeze an indulgent
episode in before he comes home from work and the boys return from school, some
me time for a change instead of juggling just the blogging and housework. All my friends have Netflix so its quite
social for us discussing the latest shows we have seen and recommending the
next one each should watch.

boys have had a busy month of Netflix viewing too; they started watching the
new Mr. Peabody & Sherman
show. As fans of the film they were
excited to see a series of episodes to watch. 
The chat show is a bit manic though with random visitors dropping in
whilst Mr. Peabody tries his best to present the content, including a giant
baby stealing the show, his neighbour wanting to sing and others just wanting
to see what all the fuss is about but managing to get in the way
regardless! I think my two enjoyed the
chaos and the time travel thrown in amongst it all. It has kept them quieter of a morning, which is lovely as usually
the bickering starts quite early on…

finished Super 4 the Playmobil animated show, they both liked this and
whizzed through the episodes. The
motley crew of a fairy, pirate, spy and knight face all manner of adventures
and have to work together to help save the day! Each of them has their own skill set and the boys liked seeing
how they would tackle their next villain.

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