Our Thoughts On Skylanders SuperChargers Racing

Kaos is back with his reign of terror and once again you the portal master have
to battle to defeat him! This is the
fifth instalment in the popular series of games, so far we have each one and
with it an ever growing collection of figures and accessories. Naturally we leapt at the chance to review Skylanders SuperChargers Racing.

I am more than a little excited that we have the next #skylanders installment to review #skylanderssuperchargers x

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what new tools do you have in your arsenal? Vehicles?! Yes vehicles, you now
have at your disposal several different modes of transportation covering sky, land and sea!

Another welcome bonus is that both Hammer Slam Bowser (pictured) and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong also work as an amiibo in compatible Nintendo games on the Wii U.

Our boys are absolute diehard fans of Skylanders and if
like them your children love to play with the characters on and off screen you
will be pleased to know the new additional vehicles actually double as a
working toy as they have removed the bases so both the wheels and propellers

onto the game itself, our old favourite is back but has now been upgraded to a
supercharger! Super Shot Stealth Elf has ditched the daggers for a gun; she
still has her stealth move but now leaves behind the gun as a handy turret to
keep firing at the enemies.

with the new characters, you have to keep in mind you are free to use all of
the original skylanders you have collected in the previous instalments! Of which you may have MANY… we seem to be overrun with them!!! Not that I am complaining because on the tricky levels its good to have lots of characters to call into battle.

around the levels the game has a familiar feel, which isn’t a bad thing!
Skylanders has always had a good level of game play and it’s nice to see they
have built upon this basic ingredient, the puzzles are fun as you transverse
the worlds.

will find supercharger gates which can only be opened if you are playing as one
of the supercharger characters and vehicle sections which are optional (if you
only have the starter pack then you will only have one of the three vehicle
types so you will want to buy more to get the full potential from the game!).

your travels you will come across traditional chests, however now you can also
find random loot chests where you have the chance to unlock a random soul gem,
legendary item or hats (which give you better stats).

Disney Infinity returning with another installment and now LEGO Dimensions joining
the toys to life gaming arena you might find it tricky deciding which one starter
pack to purchase this Christmas, so rather than make a difficult decision get
all three! With Skylanders being the first of this type of game way back in 2011 though they do have our unwavering loyalty, so if I was pressed for a choice I probably would still remain true to them so go and get your copy now!

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