Pampers UNICEF 10th Anniversary Make A Wish #PampersUNICEF

Pampers are celebrating their 10th anniversary in partnership with UNICEF and with it making one wonderful wish to eliminate maternal and newborn
tetanus everywhere. Whilst they work so incredibly hard trying to
achieve that wish by continuing to offer free vaccines with their packs of
Pampers they want everyone else to think about what they would wish for their
own children.

My boys are my world, they might well drive me a little
crackers at times but they also fill me with an overwhelming happiness. 
For them I wish a contented life, not fame or fortune although they might
eventually find those things on their own. But more than anything I just
want them to be happy and find joy in the simple things every day, to be kind
to each other and have people be kind to them.

Sometimes these brothers are bestfriends x

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We are very fortunate
really we have access to free healthcare and vaccinations for our children, so
when my boys were tiny I made a point of only buying Pampers nappies. I had seen their packaging promising free vaccinations
for children in the poorest areas of the world and wanted to do my own little
bit to help support the campaign. Since
2006 an estimated 500,000 newborn babies have been saved, what Pampers have
achieved is nothing short of remarkable! 
It is astonishing that they have managed to eliminate maternal and
newborn tetanus in 17 countries but they do not want to stop there. Not when there is still work to be done,
sadly 49,000 newborns every year die as a result of newborn tetanus. Those precious babies denied a proper start
to life, a chance to flourish and grow, but with the support of Pampers and
UNICEF more lives can be saved.

Watching the Wish
video below will contribute another free vaccine to their campaign, so even if
your children no longer need Pampers products you can still get involved and
make a difference. Please spread the word and help Pampers achieve their
wish. It really is very simple to get
involved, after watching the video share it on your social media and keep the
free vaccines going to the remaining 21 countries where tetanus is still a

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