Planning for Christmas

Only 73 sleeps until Christmas, my friend has a little app
on her phone that counts down with a festive jingle! She is definitely one for building up the excitement she tends to
go rather overboard and even has Christmas bedding and a Santa bathmat. Having said that I do not think I can put it
off any longer I need to start buying up gifts and preparing for our jolly

I was looking on The Works website as they
have a whole section of the site dedicated to Christmas. I really need to find presents on a budget
for the boys! They have high
expectations and we have slim pickings in the bank account to purchase presents
for under the tree. We have enough for their
main presents (drum set for eldest and metal detector for youngest) but other
than that I need to get the rest as economically as possible.

Santa has always been quite
generous so far, so that’s where our problem stems. But our circumstances are a bit different this year, bigger house, lots of outstanding bills and renovation work still to be done. I do want them to have an impressive pile to
open of course but only at the right price, with two for £10 deals its certainly a
possibility with The Works. Christmas might just about be achievable after all! You do not need to spend a fortune to pad
out Christmas here, whatever interests your child you will find a gift for them, whether
its rocket building, pebble painting or digging for dinosaurs.

I have included some of my favourites that I know my two (aged 6 and 8) would love to receive.


Pirate Treasure Chest

is great for your aspiring buccaneers, younger children enjoy having a chest to
hide their precious keepsakes (of which youngest seems to have many!), but with this set they also get an eye patch,
hook and hat to play the role perfectly! Walk the plank!

Zap Super Sand Magic

is a wonderful present for children who enjoy being creative and want to try something different. It’s that bit more unusual as it actually
lets you sculpt the sand, usually you just sort of squish it together and hope
for the best, but this stuff promises to hold its shape! At this price I think you can afford to give it a try anyway.

Spy Master Gift Set

better present than one that appeals to inquisitive minds, your children can
improve on their spying skills and impress their friends with their new found spy essentials
(personally I need the rear view glasses for myself to keep an eye on the boys!).

Practical Jokes Gift Set

cheeky pair would be in their element having fun with this joke set, I could
imagine the fake dog poo being used to comic effect to trick my poor parents
when we are all visiting over Christmas with our dog in tow! I can just imagine the look on their faces when they stumble across that “poo” on the floor.

Do you have a favourite
from the site? Each of the above picks are in the 2 for £10 deal promotion so a complete bargain.

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