Schleich Dinosaurs

two have always loved dinosaurs but even more so after recently watching the
Jurassic Park films, so they were very pleased indeed to review two of the
striking Schleich
Dinosaurs, Therizinosaurus
and Kentrosaurus.

detailing of the dinosaurs was fantastic including the raised texture of
their bodies and the choice of colours they have used (hand painted no less!), the boys were very happy to
welcome them into the fold. Although
their current dinosaur figures (not from Schleich) are feeling very intimidated
with the new additions. I cannot blame
them really as to be honest they are not in the same league. Schleich is more expensive but it’s
completely justified for the quality and durability of the figures.

They are sturdy figures so great for dinosaur battles
or to recreate your own Jurassic World storyline. The Kentrosaurus (new for 2015) has lots of spines so he can use
them to defend himself.

Therizinosaurus has impressive claws like Wolverine,
so he looks like he could mean business if he wanted too! He is very imposing, commanding your
attention when you look at him. He also
has moveable arms if you wanted to pretend he was slashing with his claws to
protect himself and a hinged mouth so he can imagine him snapping down on

The figures are realistic replica’s so very
educational too. You can introduce your
children to the figures then teach them some interesting facts about that
particular dinosaur. It’s an
interactive learning adventure that is easier to grasp when you have dinosaur
models to introduce them to.

The boys are keen to get their hands on a few
more figurines to continue with the imaginative play, as the collection grows
so does the fun! It’s lovely watching
them play with a more traditional toy and roaring away at each other. When the boys are older they would look great as models in their rooms and then later as toys worth passing on to their own children.

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