The Christmas Stockings

I always enjoy filling the boys Christmas stockings, hunting out items I know they will love, but the problem is I tend to get a bit carried away. The cost soon mounts up as I desperately try and fill their stocking with well thought out gifts to get Christmas off to a lovely start. I would say each stocking probably ends up costing me £60, which to be honest seems quite excessive. I am still nostalgic of my stockings as a child and my parents would never have spent anything like that amount, but I do find it difficult to find stocking fillers that are affordable and there is only so much space the Satsuma and chocolate coins will fill!

Hawkin’s Bazaar seem to have helped solved the problem of cost with their pre-filled stockings. For £20 you get the stocking itself (handy if your child doesn’t have one yet or the previous year’s one is LOST in the loft somewhere, we have done this more than once!) with a wonderful selection of age appropriate contents nestled inside. You can pick boys or girls stockings in the ages 3+, 8+ or 14+ so you know your children are getting things tailored to them.

I am not sure if I would order a pre filled stocking every year but it certainly is something worth doing every now and then, for us it’s a life saver with finances so tight this year especially as I have managed to save £40 each on what I would normally allocate for stockings! It means that Santa has a bit more budget for the main presents now, which is a huge relief as it might have been the leanest Christmas so far otherwise…

I am very impressed with the pre filled stockings from @hawkinsbazaar lots included for £20 and no stress deciding what to fill them with this year! #christmas #christmasstocking x

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The contents from our 8+ stocking will provide all the fun and amusement children enjoy in those early hours on Christmas day, the selection were interesting and novel, obviously Hawkin’s Bazaar can achieve this as they buy the contents in bulk but as an individual I would never be able to replicate a stocking of that caliber for £20. Some of it is quite cheap and cheerful but one thing’s for sure when my boys see the contents they will be thrilled! I might even get a bit of a lie in as they have so much to explore!

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