Ticket to Ride Review and Competition

This is my most favourite board game at the moment, I was
introduced to it through hubbie’s cousin when we were in Southampton and have
been planning on buying it ever since. 
To be honest when he initially brought out the box I rolled my eyes
wondering what type of game this would be, but I am glad I gave it a chance as
it really is a brilliant game. Fortunately
I had an opportunity to review and also share a competition for one of you to
win a copy, so the winner will soon understand why I am so hooked!

Cant wait to play this later #tickettoride #esdeviumgames #review x

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Since it arrived we have played it every day, my mum and
eldest (who is 8) got the hang of it quite well. Once you have played it a couple times it becomes second nature
and its worth hanging in there if you are a bit lost as once the instructions
click and you get the concept of the game your off on an exciting train journey
round the board.

It’s quite strategic, you can attempt to block the other
players if you have some idea where they are heading too. But I tend to focus on my own destinations
as they take all my concentration, as you get more skilled at the game though
you do feel slightly more confident to take on extra tickets to try and get
additional points or begin to second guess which path other players might be
taking and try and complicate matters for them!

Although there is a danger that you can be over ambitious
and attempt too much, either running out of carriages or having your path
unintentionally blocked by other players. 
It’s quite frustrating when you’re so close and have your eyes on the
destination finish and suddenly BAM someone places their track and you are
faced with a long and lonely detour to try and get there again! Especially if it means collecting lots of
coloured cards that you have none of it at the moment, your hoping lady luck
shines on you then when taking cards from the pack.

It’s a very addictive game; you really do get stuck into it
once you have grasped the rules of play. 
Now my eight year old has played it a few times his score has increased,
as he has got more skilled at playing. 
I can see soon I will have a worthy rival, my dad on the other hand
bless him understands the idea of the game but always miscalculates how many
trains he needs to claim the route!!!

Ticket to Ride retails at £32.99 but if you shop around you
can make some savings, its available on Amazon currently for £26.76, definitely
one worth adding to the Christmas list for older children or family members (my
mum is a big fan!). We had the USA map
but you can buy lots of different editions on the Days to Wonder website. There is a United Kingdom expansion due in
November that I will be reviewing in due course.

But for now I will leave you with the competition for
Ticket to Ride base game. If you would
like to enter please fill out the form below by the 27th of October.
Win a Ticket to Ride Game

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  1. We love board games and when our grandchildren visit they always want to play,I love that with board games the whole family can engage,this one may just be a little to grown up for them but we can have a bash and if we struggle then we try again a few months down the line (no pun intended x)

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