Win Og on the Bog and LOGO Lite

It’s getting closer to Christmas
now so I thought a board game competition would be ideal! Drumond Park have kindly
offered me Og on the Bog (a firm favourite here) and LOGO Lite to

Board games are the most perfect presents as they bring
the family together and encourage a much-needed break away from computer
consoles!!! We actually have screen
free Tuesday and Thursday in term time with the boys and board games play a key
part in keeping them entertained on those days after school. I am enjoying that quality time together and
the boys have slowly grown accustomed to the new family rules! Decent board games have made the adjustment
that much easier of course, thanks to Drumond Park for a helping hand there.

You can read our review of Og on
the Bog
(£22.99) to refresh your memory. 
But it really is an entertaining game that is simple to play but highly
amusing. I think it will be a firm
favourite from Santa this Christmas, it tickles me two every time! Boys are always intrigued by potty humour
and this game satisfies in that respect. I love Og’s expression straining away on the loo!!!

As the boys get older they seem
to be focusing their lists more around technology; they even tried to add a
mobile phone this year (no chance!) I want to keep the importance of the
simpler things in life. That time when
you sit together around the table ready to face your next challenge from your
board game collection. I think my
enthusiasm is rubbing off on my friends as one in particular has gone board
game crazy this year (the children in question will be getting a bumper
delivery of assorted games from Santa!).

We have played some of the other
versions of LOGO (LOGO
What Am I?
and LOGO
) but LOGO Lite (£19.99) is handy for when you want the same
fun but in a quicker format, that is more transportable. Useful for holidays in this country because
let’s me honest we are not always blessed with the weather and need something
to keep the kids (12+ in this case) out of mischief. A huge bonus you can also use the pack of two hundred and sixty four new cards with your original LOGO game.

To enter please fill out the form below by the 15th
of November.

Win Og on the Bog and Logo Lite

180 thoughts on “Win Og on the Bog and LOGO Lite

  1. My boys love playing games even more so in the winter when they can't get outside as much. This would totally catch their imaginations

  2. My grandchildren would love this,all children love "Pooh" jokes and farting noises,in fact the louder the better.I'd love to win this for them,it would be so nice to hear them laughing out loud x

  3. my children would love these and they're great little games for when the weather is rubbish and were all stuck indoors

  4. Logo Lite looks really good for taking away and as we already enjoy playing the main game, it would be really useful to have extra cards. As for Og on the Bog, I can't imagine any child not enjoying this game and it would be a great game for my daughter to play with friends. Thanks for such a great giveaway x

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