Don’t delay in caring for your child’s eyes

so important to protect our eyes, they’ve got to last us the rest of our lives
after all. Protecting our children’s eyes should be of the highest priority,
not least because right from birth, children learn through seeing. Good vision
is therefore a must.

It’s never too soon to start
caring for your children’s eyes. A newborn baby’s eye grows and develops for
around two years. This stage is important and should be included in your routine
development checks.

When your child is around three years old, we advise
you to start thinking about their first eye examination. Checking for sight
issues at this stage in your child’s life can pick up potential issues before
they start school. The school environment is very visual and so a visual
impairment could mean your child get’s left behind and struggles to learn.
What’s more is that finding vision problems early means there is a much better
chance of putting them right.

Although the opticians may be thought of as a scary
place, you must remember that eye examinations won’t hurt your child. The
process will include looking at and locating small objects as well as a run
down of any family eyesight problems and questions around any troubles when carrying
out activities. Here is my youngest over three years ago having his first sight test.

Choose a time for the sight test when your child is
alert, awake and happy. This will help paint a more accurate picture of the

Some of the areas a sight test may cover include
testing near and distance vision, coordination, focusing skills, eye movement
and peripheral awareness. These are all so important in the learning process.
Sight tests can highlight if there are issues in any of these areas in order
for you to start creating the right solutions to keep your child healthy, happy
and learning, without any obstacles.

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