Dr. Beckmann Review and Competition

was sent a couple of items from the Dr.Beckmann brand and there delivery was very well timed!

Begone stains! #drbeckmann x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Oct 29, 2015 at 12:34pm PDT

had an all mighty nose bleed last weekend (he fell nose first onto the hard
laminate flooring wrestling with his brother!) and managed to cover himself in
blood before his brother brought tissues to try and help. I was then called for back up and we did
manage to get it under control eventually, although to be honest I thought his
clothes would be ruined, one of his favourite t-shirts and one of his few pairs
of jeans that still fit him…

fortunately we had the Stain Devils Survival Kit at hand to deal with a
stubborn stain emergency just like this. 
Blood is just one of the many tough stains these bottles can handle and
it’s such an effective product working in minutes. The product is actually guaranteed to remove over 40 stains and
if it doesn’t achieve what it says on the pack you get your money back, that
really is testament to how confident Dr. Beckmann are in there product.

think I should always have a few packs of this product in stock because when
the boys aren’t wrestling they are busy making magic potions (aka a lot of
MESS!), getting food colouring, sauces and heaven knows what else all over
themselves and their clothes. I do not
want to let ruining clothes get in the way of their creativity but sometimes
it’s hard not to tell them enough is enough! 
Luckily with these kits I can still allow them to continue to experiment
without panicking about the costly expense of replacing stained clothes.

Its getting MESSY, potion making!!! x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Sep 27, 2015 at 8:12am PDT

I am a busy mum usually juggling more than I should
(school fundraising, organising gifts for a baby shower and working on numerous
blog features) that I tend to have a half-hearted approach to housework, when
it comes to the laundry I do not have time to separate everything out I just
want to chuck it in one go and tend to hope for the best. Dr. Beckmann seem to appreciate this as they
have developed their Colour & Dirt Collector which catches the colours
released into the water.

have had such a good experience with Dr. Beckmann I
am delighted to offer a competition for one of my followers to win a selection
of 10 products (Carpet
Stain Remover

, Colour and Dirt Collector

, Pre-Wash Stain Devils

, Travel Wash

, Glowhite ultra, Service It Deep Clean

, Dry-Clean Only

, Oven Cleaner

, Stain Devils Survival Kit

 and Service it Washing Machine Cleaner). To enter please fill out the form
below by the 3rd of December.

Dr. Beckmann 10 Products Giveaway

182 thoughts on “Dr. Beckmann Review and Competition

  1. We all have mishaps from time to time and it would be lovely to have the right products ready to deal with whatever happens.

  2. I love using this range. I've used the carpet cleaner & stain devils & they're very good. I would like to try the washing machine deep clean so this prize would be ideal.

  3. Something for all household cleaning challenges, the Colour and Dirt Collector sounds good, would save me separating wash loads!

  4. Dr Beckmann is my knight in shining armour! My pets adore him too as he cleans up muddy paw marks and little accidents! No more embarrassing stains when visitors call. Spills, stains are all a nightmare of the past. Evening out…uggghhhhh curry stain on new top….quick visit to the ladies….head held high walking back to table with top as immaculate as ever. Washing machine…whites stay white….machine stays clean….I could rave about Dr Beckmann all night….okay I admit Im a DR BECKMANN groupie…just wonder how I only recently discovered him. Sorry Dr Beckmann…but you are now my slave πŸ™‚

  5. I have used a few of these products before, and I especially love the Glo White which I have used for many years. I love my crisp white sheets and they have stayed so brilliant white due to using this just a few times a year. I have never tried the oven cleaner though and believe me my oven would be a challenge for it.

  6. I would love to win as I often find my cat Kez's pawprints all over the house and I know that Dr Beckman products would make it easier to get rid of them x

  7. I'd like to win because I am sooo clumsy: I've ruined an expensive dry clean online jacket with a chocolate stain, I'm constantly spill things on my carpet, and just yesterday I spilled a cup of tea all over myself, the sofa and our new cushions, so I really need these products in my life!

  8. I'd love to win because I both me and my partner have to wear white shirts all week, so the Glowwhite Ultra would be handy, and we have a dog……..so Carpet Stain Remover would come in handy too!

  9. My wife would love this, she cleans anything and everything that doesn't move – which is why I'm always dancing around"

  10. I would love to win as I have some awful stains from the dogs (I will leave it to your imagination…) that I just cannot shift, this sounds like it might actually do the job! I also have a couple of blood stains on pyjamas that nothing has touched so far, given your experience it sounds promising!

  11. Im clumsy and forever spilling drinks and other things down me , Ive used these before and they really are great products – my mum always swore by them so I tried and they really do do what they say on the pack.

  12. I've used the travel wash on holiday from this brand and it is great stuff! Would like to try out the other products. (@PeanutHog)

  13. I have stupidly light carpets which show up every single mark so I'd love to try a good remover on that and I have plenty more spots to work on around the house!.

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