Elfie Selfie Christmas T-shirt #Giveaway

adore these fabulous long sleeve t-shirts from Selfie Clothing just the thing to
get the kids into the festive spirit. I
love how adorable children look when transformed elf style, but they also have
lots of other fabulous designs, antlers, snowman and mini Claus. I am sure even Scourge would have started
celebrating Christmas sooner if he had set eyes on these amazing t-shirts.

are very affordable at £15 each when you consider your child will have a unique
item of clothing featuring themselves that they will cherish. Christmas clothing is a big part of the
build up but these products are completely bespoke and individual, much more interesting
than wearing the exact same Christmas jumper as everyone else in your class!

my boys could not fit the available sizes (they start at 2-3 and go up to 6-8
years) so Selfie Clothing kindly offered me a competition instead and a rather
generous discount code, if you use sleep20 you can
get 20% off your order (this works across the site not just on the Elfie Selfie
range). I really hope they extend the
age range next year, as I know two little (but older) boys who would love to
join the Elfie Selfie movement.

The site is very easy to use, you can either sign in with
instagram to get a suitable picture or upload an image from your device. Then Selfie Clothing works their magic
before hand printing your order in the UK and delivering within 3 working days. Why keep your #selfie memories stuck on your
phone when you can wear them for the world to see.

have a top to giveaway to two lucky winners, if you would like a chance of
winning one then please fill out the form below by the 2nd of
Win one of two Elfie Selfie T-Shirts

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