Fields in Trust Awards #FITawards Get Voting

do not have long now to get your votes in for your favourite park. Voting closes at 5pm on Wednesday 25th
of November, so with just over a week left the award for UK’s Best Park hangs
in the balance. Apparently a few parks
were very closely tied with votes so now is the time to do everything you can
to try and champion your hopeful winner! Good luck with your campaigning.

if you nominated a park please do make sure you have then voted for it over on
the Fields in Trust website, let your friends and family know, spread the word to anyone
willing to listen. Nominating was just
part of the process without vital votes sadly your choice cannot make the
shortlist of three parks off to the fancy award ceremony!

if you never had a chance to make a nomination just go and have a nose anyway,
a park you like might well be featured, some of the nominations are quite
inspirational, you can see how proud individuals and groups are of there
outdoor spaces and get some idea how much there park means to them. Rather than waste a vote share it with a
park that takes your fancy, whether it’s in your locality or even better kindly
give it to Chinbrook
Meadows, who I have my fingers tightly crossed for.

Looking at the infographic below provided by Fields in Trust you quickly begin to comprehend just how essential outdoor space really is, lots of individuals are willing to fight to keep their local park and I would certainly do the same if mine was threatened! So I think we should all get behind celebrating the UK’s best park, so are children can continue to play safely outdoors and everyone in the family can be more active, fit and healthy. I really enjoy going for a walk together, I think children can let off a lot more steam outside so let’s safeguard those spaces and protect them from development.

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