Introducing Clever Tykes Books & A #Giveaway

My eldest is an avid reader, most days he slopes off to his
bedroom tucks himself up in bed or curls up on his space invaders mat and gets
lost in a good story, I think he likes getting some peace and quiet away from
his younger (very loud and animated!) brother in the process.

Book deliveries are therefore very much appreciated, any
excuse for him to spend more time leisurely reading away. Although books with a moral are even better,
so I was delighted to be introduced to the Clever Tykes storybooks. If you have not
heard of them before you really must head to their website and learn more. The characters in the three stories aim to
be positive role models for your children.

Book delivery from Clever Tykes teaching children to be enterprising #books #reading x

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The covers are bright and appealing and the text is broken
up with interesting pictures that help illustrate the story. As my eldest likes computer games he made a
point of reading Code-it Cody first, that really did grab his attention. They are pitched for children 6-9 years old;
my 8 year old who is a confident reader could handle the content without issue
for us it was more about the messages behind the book. They each encourage your child to work hard,
be independent and resourceful.

Each of the books reinforce the idea of being successful,
who knows what reading one of these books might lead to for your children. It might inspire them to be more
entrepreneurial and take the world by storm. 
At the very least the books have engaging stories and meet literacy
targets, so you really cannot go wrong investing in this set of storybooks. I had been trying to teach my eldest
enterprise through wanting Apprentice with him, but these books are a better
solution (no unsavoury language!).

I have two sets of the three books to giveaway here if
you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 14th
of December.

Clever Tykes Competition

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  1. I encourage my grandchildren to read as much as possible,if you start reading to them from babies you are giving them a wonderful gift.Books have always played a huge part of my life and I'm now 56 and still read constantly,I'm never without a book.Thanks for your review and fingers crossed I may win x

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