Keeping Christmas Magic Alive

A few children in my eldest son’s class have started questioning the existence of Santa and saying they do not believe he is real. At the moment my son feels sorry for them for their lack of belief but I guess it’s only a matter of time before he himself starts to wonder the same.

I am not ready for the Christmas magic to end; I love this time of year and want all the excitement and build up to last as long as it can. It’s not quiet the same the concept of parents bringing presents as it is to have Santa and his team of very able elves on the case. We watch Christmas films like Elf and The Santa Clause to keep the festive spirit alive but I will up the stakes when I need too and take the boys to Lapland, I am determined they will believe for as long as possible. If it means booking an expensive trip just to keep them both believing another year or two then it’s well worth it in my eyes.

They have package holidays to Lapland with Expedia if you want to head somewhere for the fully immersive Santa experience. I went to Finland many years ago but the memories are still very clear and special for me, reindeer sleighs, snowball fights, frosty walks with everywhere coated in a thick dusting of beautiful white snow, meeting Santa and seeing his village and underground cavern.

Then the Northern Lights were quite something to witness, a spectacular light show like nothing you might have seen before.

As I was with more active people we spent time cross country skiing and I must confess I was dreadful at that, I took ages and held everyone up! So I would travel in style with my boys opting for a dog sled ride instead.

If anywhere can continue to keep the magic of Christmas alive it has to be Lapland. I was already a young adult so I would ideally like to take mine in the next couple of years, especially as the whole experience seems to have developed and improved. Yes trips like these are costly but in terms of creating memories these ones would definitely last a lifetime. We have not had proper snow in years where we live and it’s a shame really, some at Christmas would be lots of fun.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Christmas Magic Alive

  1. It sounds like such a magical trip.
    This is probably the last year my youngest will full believe 🙁 There are kids in her class starting to doubt so it's only a matter of time before she does too….

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