Labyrinth Competition #GamesNightIn

It would be wonderful if you could
join Ravensburger for their Twitter Frenzy at 19:30 to 21:00 tonight (18th
of November) using the hashtag #GamesNightIn they will be giving away a fabulous selection of their fun games so I cannot think of a better way to spend your
evening. If like me you love your board games its one twitter party not to be missed.

Also as part of the
preparations for that I was offered a Labyrinth
game to giveaway here. I
thought it would be a lovely competition as I reviewed it last week and my
eldest liked it so much, you can read more here! It’s ideal for Christmas; board games are my
favourite type of present. They get the
whole family involved and get my two away from computer screens for a bit!

a real challenge getting children away from their consoles and tablets, sadly
they seem so hooked on them these days, so having a decent supply of board
games to fall back on always helps! I
can dangle one in from of them and get them to relinquish their spot in front
of a screen.

you would like to win the Labyrinth game please fill out the form below by the
10th of December and I will hopefully see you at the twitter party
Labyrinth Competition

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