Lights by TENA Oooops Confessions

It can be a tiring life this parenting lark so when
Lights by TENA offered to send me a goodie bag with everything I could possibly
need for a girls night in I literally jumped at the chance! I substituted the girls for a lovely evening
in with hubbie, to be honest he has lived with me through most of my Oooops
moments so it made sense he had a chance to share the contents of the delivery
as a reward for lasting this long with me (8 years of marriage and

Looking forward to my girly night in, thank you #tena for these lovely treats! #Oooopsmoment x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Nov 20, 2015 at 9:55am PST

The kit had so many welcome treats but I drew the line at
painting hubbie’s toenails or making him slather on the facemask, treats I can
save again for me. So I quickly bought
on the Pitch Perfect 2 DVD a film I was very keen to watch after enjoying the
first, some indulgent Hotel Chocolat chocolates and a mini bottle of fizzy wine
each so as you can imagine we were both feeling quite relaxed, happy and
willing to relive those rather embarrassing Oooops moments all over again…

Watching this video you get a flavour for the sort of common Oooops
moments ladies across the country are having, you see light bladder weakness
affects 1 in 2 women in the UK and those little leaks can happen just about
anywhere, at anytime, in front of anyone! 
So for those unexpected leaks it might be handy to have a supply of
Lights by TENA, just in case.

My Oooops moment was leaving the door unlocked when I went to the toilet on an aeroplane, I had a mum and child walk in on me! Not my finest moment but it sounds like I might be having more Oooops moments in the future if these statistics are anything to go by, so the pack of lights by TENA in my goodie bag might be quite useful after all.

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