Make a Difference #ValueOfSight

We take our sight for granted and with it see all the many
wonders of the world, but it’s not that simple for many. Sadly for those in the poorest countries
where medical help is out of their financial reach those normally treatable
conditions can unfortunately lead onto blindness when left untreated. It seems such a waste when that sight could
be saved. Sightsavers are trying to get
us all to realise the #ValueOfSight and how much it means to us as individuals.

The following video gives across
a very powerful message, having three volunteers go through the “experience” of
having cataracts shows the obstacles they would face. The lose of confidence from not being able to see properly,
finding it much harder to do the things they would normally and just dealing
with the emotional turmoil of life being so different.

If you have the responsibility of
providing for your family dealing with a medical condition like makes it almost
impossible. It’s a moving video that
really does pull at your heartstrings, we are very lucky to be born in the UK
where we get the help and support we need. 
I actually cried watching the video, when you realised all it takes is
£30 to treat an individual with cataracts. 

£30 is not much in the scheme of
things but its everything when you consider it can give them their sight back,
the volunteers would have gladly paid thousands (or even all they had) that’s
how much it had impacted there lives. 
To be able to return to tending to a farm, carrying water and actually
being able to see her children is all Laurinda wants, surely that’s worth
helping by donating to Sightsavers. If you can afford to why not set up a
regular donation and feel your really making a difference. Watching Laurinda regain her sight is all
the motivation you will ever need. The
second video is even more poignant than the first, Laurinda had been blind for
four years not one day like the volunteers, and for her the world has opened up
again, she has her independence back again and most importantly for me as a mother she can see her beautiful children.

This post is sponsored by Sightsavers but all thoughts
are my own.

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