My Kids Bingo Fundraiser Success

am feeling quite elated this weekend; my fundraiser managed to bring in £700
for the school and had lots of encouraging comments from most of those who
attended! We had a couple of grumbles
but you can never please everyone, even as much as you try. But overall it was a great response from the
community with a large turnout and a wonderful buzz at the event.

I am also so very proud of
my eldest who did a big part of the bingo calling, with just the odd break to
have a pop and a mars bar to replenish when his dad kindly took over. It was amazing seeing my boy have the
confidence to stand up in front of a crowded room and speak clearly into the
microphone for everyone to hear. I for
one would not have been keen to do that now never mind when I was just eight!

Raised £700 today! #fundraiser my eldest did a sterling job as a bingo caller bless him x

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a big thank you to the companies I have already mentioned in my two earlier
fundraising posts, here
and here. I had a few last minute donations arrive
that I need to thank still. I
was sent a box of Hartley’s
Jelly goodies, the range is quite comprehensive, and I especially
like the convenience of the ready-made jelly pots. Perfect as a snack on the go or when you NEED to satisfy a jelly
craving in a hurry. My two are big fans
of jelly; it’s an inexpensive but tasty pudding option.

We enjoyed making the What’s
Your Flavour?
product which was also included in the prize, it makes
the whole process of making jelly that bit more fun and creative, your
favourite drink can easily be transformed into jelly form, complete with all
the bubbles if you use a fizzy pop!

kindly sent me a bundle of their stick packs, this is one of the prizes I had
the most difficulty keeping my boys away from! 
They had their fingers tightly crossed they could get there hands on the
sweets by winning it at the event. I
remember being a big fan of Chewits as a child so it’s a nice trip down memory
lane seeing them still so very popular today, the prize was quickly selected by
a person so eager to win it, they downgraded there full house prize for a
second line one win just to get their hands on the sweets. Chewits also make Vimto sweets so we were
provided with lots of Tongue Ticklers packs too. These are actually made with fruit juices so its nice to think
your children will get some goodness when they indulge in their sweet habit!

Then we had packet
after packet of Goody Good Stuff
Sour Cheery Cherries, I was not familiar with this brand neither were the boys
so we had to try a little pack each to let you know what they were like (plus I had far too many to squeeze into the box I found to present the sweets in!). These were delicious, I am not normally a
sweet person much preferring chocolate or cake but these tasted much more
delicious than your average sweet. They
use only natural fruit and vegetable extracts and remove anything harmful. In future I will be buying more of
these. I cannot change my boys love of
sweets but I can change which ones they pick to healthier options.

Sambro sent me their Minions Super Pinball which would make a fabulous and much loved Christmas present for any fan of the films. It is very reasonably priced and looks a decent gift for the relatively low cost involved. It can be lots of fun trying to beat each others score, something to keep the whole family occupied at Christmas. It came as no surprise this was one of the first few prizes to be snapped up! The youngster looked so pleased when he carried it off with him. It’s one of the perks of hosting an event like this seeing children delighted with their new prizes.

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