Our Experiences with the Bissell PowerGlide Cordless

I had a very exciting delivery last month! A fancy new cordless vacuum.

Exciting delivery today #bissell #review x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Oct 21, 2015 at 5:06am PDT

I have been very impressed with
this vacuum cleaner, it’s our first cordless one and I have really enjoyed the
freedom of being able to move without the constraint of the power cord! It’s been such a delight; my enthusiasm must
be catching as even the boys have decided to assist with the housework (I think
I almost keeled over in shock!).

The BissellPowerGlide Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (£249.99) is much lighter than our
previous vacuum so they have no trouble handling it and manoeuvring from room
to room. It’s certainly been very
welcome having some extra help. I am
not sure if the novelty will wear off for them but for now I am making the most
of it.

The battery is very easy to
remove and place on charge. You get
about 45 minutes hovering time between charges, which is meeting our needs
quite adequately. It’s very useful as
an option when you just want to do a quick hover round before visitors as there
is nothing quick about having to find your nearest socket each time! I have found we are hovering much more
effectively now. The only thing is
remembering to make sure I recharge the battery!

From the contents of the vacuum
canister you can tell it’s doing a very good job keeping the house clean and
tidy! We have a dog that seems to moult
everywhere so our trusty Bissell is coping well with that. We have mainly laminate flooring and it’s
helpful that you can switch off the brushes when hovering any hard surfaces so
you do not need to worry about scratching your floors.

If you are very thorough when you go about your
cleaning you will enjoy having the extending tool to reach all those tricky
crevices in the sofa or dust off your curtains. I am more of a quick and speedy cleaner (okay LAZY cleaner!) so I
have stuck to just whizzing round with the hover and not relying on the tools
so much! But however you like to clean
this vacuum will be a great asset.

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