Ravensburger Board Game Inspiration

You will be fed up of me talking about Christmas but there
is no escaping its getting closer. I
have picked out a few board games I like that would make lovely presents if you
were in need of inspiration. Playing
board games is a wonderful way to pass the time together as a family. We have a whole shelving system dedicated to
our bulging collection of games, but we keep seeing more that capture our
attention and try and squeeze them in.

boys were keen to see what the labyrinth board game from Ravensburger would be
about. The concept is great, a game
that shifts during play. You think your
getting close; your eyes are literally on the treasure you need and then the
path frustratingly changes completely before you get your hands on it! Challenging yes but never dull as you race
around before quickly getting home with your assigned treasures.

ideal for my two aged 6 and 8 but even children older than that will enjoy it
as no two games are ever the same. It
is easily one of our favourites at the moment. 
Now is a good time to buy your own copy as its only £10.94 on Amazon
(reduced from the RRP £21.09) so no surprise it’s presently the #1 best seller
in the board game category! At that
price you really cannot go wrong, I would even have been prepared to pay more,
as it’s a very engaging game. It’s
quite strategic as you adjust your plans depending on how far the other players
have shifted you from your chosen route, the return home can be especially
difficult because then everyone obviously will want to put a stop to that and
hang on to their own chance of victory.

Next up we had another fantastic game Bugs in the Kitchen (currently £13.50 on Amazon), my two love HEXBUG’s and have lots of the little scurrying critters and tracks already but being able to play a game including one of them is even better. Naturally the last thing any chef wants in their kitchen is a bug running amok. You have to try your very best to capture it in your own trap turning the knife, fork and spoon pieces depending on what you roll with the dice, earning yourself a token in the process if your successful.

In need of board game inspiration for Christmas? We love #ravensburger Bugs in the Kitchen 😃 x

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It’s another maze game but simpler to play than Labyrinth but still with vast appeal, my 6 year old does not have a huge concentration span so this game suits him perfectly and has proved to be lots of fun. There is an element of skill depending on which part you decide to move and what consequence that will have on furthering your quest to get the bug in your trap!

Finally we were sent Scotland Yard (only £14.99 on Amazon at the moment) which was just the game for my eldest, you can either play as Mr X or one of the detectives trying to trap him. It is a good strategic thinking game, well suited to those aged 8+, as detectives you have to work together to try and track Mr X’s position using only his transportation tickets because if you fail to do so Mr X becomes the winner because he managed to escape detection.

It adds a bit of variety to the game with the choice to play in either role. It’s very exciting because you feel under pressure to quickly figure out his next move before he escapes for good, I also like how it encourages players to work cooperatively when being detectives. When my youngest is a bit older and I can introduce him to this game I hope my boys will learn to get on together because they will have a common aim of trying to capture Mr X in time.

With each of these three games having very reasonable prices on Amazon at the moment my advice would be to stock up! Christmas is coming…

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