School Fundraiser Event Continued


Seeing as I was inundated with lovely donations to help me with the school fundraiser I have had to split my thank you across two posts. You can read the first one introducing some of the wonderful prize line up here before continuing with the second half below.

Little Dish

Little Dish sent their fantastic new recipe book.  We have already reviewed it and it will make a superb prize.  The recipes are easy to follow with lots of delightful pictures to encourage your children to get involved in cooking. They also sent lots of vouchers for the winner to sample their toddler meals and tasty new pizza’s.  Little Dish work very hard creating proper nourishing food for your children.  For example their new pizzas reassuringly contain 35% less salt than the average children’s chilled pizza and they also contain one of your child’s five a day!

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs kindly offered their Mega Book pack.  This is a very useful set of resources when supporting your children on their reading journey. It follows the same path as the Reading Eggs online subscription.  Your children will see the characters they have already grown to love. You can read an earlier review I did of the Mega Book pack but suffice to say the winner of this prize will see a real boost in their learning. They will look forward to completing the pages of the workbooks.  It’s all very engaging with lots of different activities to keep their interest.


Bratz sent one of their Study Abroad dolls.  Dolls have come on along way since I was little. These dolls actually love to travel and see the world.  Cloe has just been to China so is dressed in that traditional style, with a cute fortune cookie necklace to wear to complete the look. I think these dolls will encourage young girls everywhere to want to seek out adventure and new experiences. The best bit is the sheer number of accessories each doll comes packaged with.  Your children can play quite happily for hours.  Changing the outfit, wheeling the luggage case around and sipping on Chinese tea.


Lalaloopsy donated their Scraps Stitched N Sewn doll.  These dolls are well suited to a younger audience (aged 4+) and come complete with a cute pet. My friend’s daughter reviewed Lalaloopsy for me before and her doll is still a firm favourite.  I can imagine this prize will be quickly snapped up! I really like the rag doll appearance with the button eyes and bright outfits.  These dolls are very collectable and completely different to anything I ever had growing up. Once you have one you will soon want to buy more.


Nippazwithattitude sent one of their slogan t-shirts “Mama Ain’t Raisin’ No Fool” £16.99.  These are ideal if you like to dress your children will an element of humour thrown in! Nippazwithattitude are continually developing, bringing out new products influenced mainly by music but also other popular culture.  I especially love the Breaking Dad theme.


When I opened the box from LEGO I instantly knew it would lure more people to my event! The Bionicle range is fantastic; we had been lucky enough to review back in May, they are brilliant figures for battling with and the boys keep returning to them. The figures have been modified by the boys so look slightly different now then when they were first built, but that’s the great thing about LEGO you have the flexibility to develop your models to your own requirements (the very limits of your imagination).  Not sure what the strategic advantage of some of their changes might be, but it keeps them out of mischief so everyone is happy.

Maps Toys

Maps Toys sent two of their products. The brand new Cool Circuits Junior where you have to solve a puzzle to light up the board, they progressively get more difficult so its a great way to challenge your children. It would make an educational and entertaining gift this Christmas. The DIY Pop Badge Kit is perfect for children to get creative making their own badges to then proudly wear or share with friends. I think it would be a useful activity at birthday parties and then children can go home with the ones they made. With two boys its important for me to have structure at parties otherwise they tend to turn into a wrestling match! I like how it’s a pinless badge because my two aren’t safe with sharp objects.

Evolution PR

Thank you to Evolution PR for sending a large bundle of prizes. Yummy Nummies especially look amazing! My boys now want some of these for Christmas so they can have mini kitchen magic fun without the need for actual baking.  They are a bit of a novelty but ideal if your children want a go at playing chef. The trays and utensils can be thrown away afterwards so you can get on with the enjoyable task of eating your treats without worrying about the washing up afterwards.

Shopkins are cute and collectable characters; the boys have a few of these already that illustrates they appeal for boys as well as girls (although they do prefer the series 3 figures as they have blue bags). This playset has lots of fantastic features; a great addition to any Shopkins collection, the trolley is very sweet and handy to give your figures rides around the shop!

IDO3D pens bring a new lease of life to your artistic side, enabling you to draw in ways you never thought possible. A great item for children who enjoy expressing themselves creatively and have always wanted a chance to craft in 3D. Ani Mei Chatterbox Peppa is a lovely toy for Peppa Pig fans, it lights up as she chatters so an engaging toy bound to delight younger children. The final item was a Taking Shredder from the Half Shell Heroes range, these are ideal for younger children who are starting to enjoy playing with action figures but need something easy to handle without any small accessories. It is a very sturdy product one that will survive boisterous playtime with a 3 year old.

Golden Bear

Golden Bear sent a Cbeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge a toy designed to help your child go off to sleep. He plays the Bedtime Hour tune that young children know and love and gently glows in different colours, soothing them off into the land of nod. A truly wonderful companion for bedtime with those features I mentioned and also because he is so soft and cuddly. They also sent the Sooty & Sweep Puppet Set, I think this is adorable I am a big fan of Sooty from my own childhood and my boys are also enjoying following his madcap adventures on TV. Your children will like putting on their own puppet show with this set and entertaining all the family (a big cardboard box can make an excellent puppet theatre!).

John Adams

John Adams sent a Rubik’s Cube a puzzle that many are familiar with and fond of, however the Rubik’s range has actually developed considerably. We enjoy the Rubik’s Race game in particular; I like the challenge of trying to solve the puzzle at speed to beat your opponent. It does get a bit manic as you try and slide the tiles quickly. They also sent a Mr Morris’ Bubble Train that children can enjoy pushing along and seeing the seats bob up and down, you can add characters into the carriages (available separately) whilst Mr Morris the parrot drives. It’s chunky and colourful and will most definitely be appreciated by children 3+.


A final thank you to Braun for sending a NEW Braun Series 3 (RRP £99.99) for the raffle! It has been innovatively designed to remove hair in a hurry as it cuts both long and short hair simultaneously, making shaving a more comfortable and enjoyable experience as your skin is less likely to be irritated.


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