Smiggle Advent Calendar

Advent calendars for us normally
involved opening a door on something chocolaty but I was VERY excited to review
the Smiggle advent calendar (£25.00) and try something a bit different for a
change! I opened it early just for you
guys so I can give you a feel for the product and leave you enough time to
order your own if you fancied.

Advent calendars dont get much more exciting than this #christmascountdown #smiggle #christmas x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Nov 9, 2015 at 2:27pm PST

I especially liked that you get
the chance of finding a lucky ticket (with £250 to spend on Smiggle), it felt
like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment, but alas my luck was not to
be. But for a brief flash I lived the
dream of placing a giant Smiggle order!!!

I must confess I opened the
little doors whilst the boys were sleeping; they had already opened my Yankee
advent calendar (and used all the little tea lights to play shop!) so I was
determined to experience this calendar for myself. I wanted to open each door slowly and appreciate the contents one
by one.

The outside of the box looks very
tempting and you know with Smiggle you are in good hands, they offer lots of
quirky fun stationary products so the contents are very colourful, interesting
and appealing. If you’re going to
countdown to Christmas you might as well do it in style.

I took a picture of the contents
of the advent calendar; I am not sure whether you would want to see this if
your considering placing your own order so I should make a spoiler announcement
on here, if you wanted a surprise LOOK AWAY NOW.


I do think I should let you see though as £25 can be a
lot for some to spend, particularly if you tend to only spend £1 or £2 on
chocolate ones. Personally I do like
the variety of the selection and think every now and then why not be a bit more
indulgent and spoil yourself or your loved ones.

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