Staying Active in Winter

With it colder outside the temptation is to huddle indoors to keep warm, but its important to still get some fresh air every day. My boys tend to get cabin fever if they do not stretch their legs and run around outside. It’s important to keep moving at this time of year though as you do not want to get a chill from standing still too long! Not that there is much chance of that my two are always full of beans…

Missed my boys today #backtoschool glad they had a great summer though! x A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Sep 2, 2015 at 8:54am PDT

It’s vital to have some physical activity the NHS recommend 60 minutes a day for my boys age group to stay healthy and develop strong bones and muscles! But being indoors can limit your options, you cannot really have children chasing around inside as there are more obstacles to trip and stumble over. So if you can try and encourage them to play out in the garden or in another safe outside space such as your local park.

My boys enjoy playing on their trampoline and tend to take a ball on there too, that way they make a game of it trying to make sure the ball does not touch them as they jump around to avoid it. I think having a trampoline for kids is one very easy way for them to get some exercise and have lots of fun in the process. If the eldest thinks you are actively trying to get him to do something he will go the complete opposite but fortunately most of the time he does not realise we are trying to get him to exercise as he is enjoying himself so much.

But you can have other games that require no further equipment or cost. Their new favourite at the moment is stuck in the mud, they race past me but if I catch one they get stuck in the mud and then the other one has to quickly come and rescue them! They burn lots of energy this way and because they are really fast I struggle to catch them, much to their amusement!

For us it really helps having a dog, as she makes sure we get some physical activity as part of our daily routine as she enjoys her walk so much.

They drive me slightly loopy but they are my everything #family #makingmemories x

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But if you do not have a pet its worthwhile getting out your scooter or bike and having a race with a friend. We have a habit of driving to school but it would be much better for us as a family if we walked or cycled instead. Although depending on the weather that can be harder at this time of year, but if you wrap up warm with hats, scarfs and gloves you can stay quite comfortable.

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