#Win a Winter Car Kit #giveaway

It can be a daunting time making
journeys when the weather conditions deteriorate, we tend to try and limit the
time we spend travelling (even turning down enticing events!) but it’s not
always possible for everyone. Some
people have long commutes to work or to visit family, so I wanted to provide a
competition that might make those essential journeys hopefully safer and a bit
more comfortable. Which brings me on to
my wonderful prize giveaway provided by LV= to help UK drivers stay safe on the road this winter. I already have lots of the kit already so thought it would be
nice if one of my lovely followers could benefit from the contents

The prize pictured below includes Autoglym De-icer, Ice Scraper, Streetwize Heavy Duty Tow
Rope, High Vis Jacket,
LED Torch, Yankee Candle Car Air Freshener – Christmas Cookie – 3 pack, Anker Portable Phone Charger, Hand
Warmers and a AA Fleece Travel Blanket,
worth Β£100. Everything you need to be
prepared for winter when the chance of your car breaking down is unfortunately
that much higher, just throw in some snacks and drinks because if you breakdown
with children they will be miserable if they go hungry or thirsty!

My friends husband owns a garage and he gets very
busy at this time of year, his poor wife hardly sees him as he is off here,
there and everywhere rescuing people through the day and the night. The roads especially get challenging when
you have ice and snow to tackle so try to stick to ones that are regularly
gritted and well maintained. If you do
have the misfortune to breakdown and you desperately need to call for help the
last thing you want is to realise your mobile phone battery has died! The portable phone charger in the prize
bundle is just the thing to call your roadside assistance provider and get some
reassurance that assistance is on the way.

Most importantly make sure you have kept your
car in good condition, serviced, regular battery changes (apparently they last
five years), tyres pumped up and a full tank of fuel so you are much less
likely to breakdown, but just in case you did do pack a car kit like the one I
am giving away. It is better to have it
packed and not need it than to breakdown and wish you had been better prepared…

To enter the giveaway please fill out the form below by the 8th of December.

Win a Winter Car Kit Worth Β£100

230 thoughts on “#Win a Winter Car Kit #giveaway

  1. The amount of times I have needed something in an emergency and do not have anything in the car. This prize would be the answer to my silliness.

  2. My tip for car journeys is to prepare well before hand especially regarding toilet breaks. The car kit looks superb and full of useful things to use in the event of an emergency, well done LV (& Missing sleep too).

  3. If you are going on a long journey with young children, go at a slower pace than you normally would – this helps put them to sleep a bit quicker and makes your journey less stressful. So it takes a little longer to arrive at your destination, does that matter?

  4. I have fond memories of buying our lovely children pills called "Sea Legs" for travel sickness. They'd work a treat, and completely cured them of the ailment. Halycon days πŸ™‚

  5. Be very careful to check your tread depths before setting out on long car journeys in winter – and make sure you've got plenty of snacks/drinks/warm blankets with you just in case something goes wrong!

  6. This would be a great present for someone who travels a lot by car. It's given me ideas for Christmas presents. Very practical too x

  7. We lived in Canada over 2 sub zero winters, and learned to keep emergency supplies for warmth and nourishment. There was always a supply of energy bars which have a long shelf life. I would recommend that these be kept in the car during trips in the very cold and snowy conditions.

  8. Long car journeys are not fun with my kids, the youngest suffers with car sickness so we always have a supply of carrier bags and wipes! Thankfully travel bands have made life a bit easier and this kit could help us get on the road faster during winter!

  9. I have just passed my test and have not done a journey longer than 50 miles -I need a kit for my car as I am sadly lacking in equipment for travelling

  10. Car journeys are very tough for us πŸ™ 4 out of 5 of us have are travel sick including me! I have to have a bag full of towels, clothes, sick bags, water and wipes. We take the tablets but for some odd reason they make things worse πŸ™

  11. This would come in handy we have a Renault which has been in the garage 4 times in the last 7 months we have owned it for 8 months so this would be very needed in our car for the just in case moments

  12. With Christmas we are always travelling to see family. We always check fuel and the tyres before we go. I love the portable charger so many times when coming home our phones are flat out of battery.

  13. We play lots of games on long car journeys – one is looking at car number plates and trying to work out word strings from the letters i.e. JSP = Jolly Silly Person, VGD = Very Good Driver, JFH (ours) = Jolly Fat/Fine Husband!!!

  14. You covered my one tip that isn't included in the prize, to have a drink and snacks in the car in case you get stuck. If you're in the cold for a while high energy snacks will help you stay warm.

  15. Always make sure you have some water and sweets in the car just in case you get held up any where with the bad weather coming….barbara m

  16. I always worry about hubz breaking down in the middle of nowhere as we live out in the sticks, no streetlights after 6pm and lots of dodgy drivers too id love to win it and give to him lol it would make me feel 100 times better haha (typical woman)tips erm if u have travel sickness put a newspaper under your bum- if you break down dont et out of the car on a busy motorway (common sense really but the amount of people ive seen do this is crazy)

  17. My family tends to have rubbish car journeys. Everything goes wrong and we tend to get lost a lot (even with the sat nav). Luckily my daughter is good at reading and playing and keeping herself entertained.

  18. as a child we always used to play games in the car to make the journey go faster one of these was counting letter boxes and telephone boxes. Sounds very boring but we used to play for hours

  19. What a wonderful prize! This would be perfect for a gift to my mother in law. We are ever so proud of her…she's just passed her driving test at 56 years old!!!

  20. always make sure your car is prepared regardless of the time of year and weather.Tyres, oil and fluid levels should be done fortnightly We carry waterproofs, warm clothes water and food in winter months in case of breakdowns, accidents or holdups

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