Winter Essentials

Winter is well and truly here,
there is a big blustery storm going on outside as I type and my poor roof
sounds like it may well blow completely off! 
Its quite scary hubbie went outside to check on everything, making sure
it was secure for the night and nearly flew off in a gust of wind…

I have been looking at winter
essentials on Jones Bootmaker, I
really need to get myself a decent pair of Wellingtons and some cosy warm
boots. It’s quite exposed where we live
and can be bitterly cold, so its essential I keep my feet toasty! Naturally I have very cold feet but they can
make me miserable at times, it’s important to invest in decent footwear and extra
socks if needed I do not know how true it is but some say if your feet get cold
you’re more likely to get ill.

So I might just ditch my lightweight trainers that let in
all the elements and purchase something more snug and comforting. The children need new Wellingtons too, I
always go for long Wellingtons because when they jump in puddles they have no
reservations water goes everywhere so the longer the welly the more chance they
might stay dry! These Avenger ones look fab and only £17 so not a bad price.

I even think its worth investing in bed socks, if you really want to spoil your feet the ones from The White Company definitely had my seal of approval.

Along with boots, gloves, a scarf and a hat always add
extra layers to trap heat. I even own a
thermal vest (Heat Holder products work a treat!) when it gets especially arctic out there. Wool is always good for its insulating properties so if you can
aim to add more to your wardrobe!

When in the house make sure you wear slippers,
especially in our case were we have no carpets as such, just big expanses of
cold laminate flooring. Great in summer
to cool off yes but in winter my feet can feel the chill even through socks…

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