December #netflixstreamteam

can tell it’s been a busy month as my Netflix update is very late on this time,
only JUST squeezing into December (literally on the last day!). You
would think I would be filling it with all the Christmas movies we watched but
aside from Beethoven’s
Christmas Adventure which the
boys loved (well worth a watch with kids!) hubbie and I have found another
series to watch so focused our attention on that and the boys are all about the
Dawn of the Croods
(if you loved the film then you MUST watch the series for lots of new

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
is what we are watching; it’s a surprisingly light show given the back story of
four women brainwashed by the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary
Wayne into
believing that life on earth has ended and trusting they must remain in the
bunker. Despite this it will get you
giggling, watching how Kimmy survives after 15 years in the bunker is very
witty, she is clueless when it comes to modern ways and technology and its extremely
funny when she gets it a bit wrong! She
does adapt quick though and has such spirit, even with a few hilarious dating
disasters (green card and daddy’s boy) she continues to have a spring in her step…

After an intense November
with lots of Sons of Anarchy I am preferring something much more carefree to watch, you
can binge on this and still feel quite positive afterwards. The characters are a great mix; I do not normally like singing on
sitcoms but Titus Andromedon (Kimmy’s roommate) is so much
larger than life and entertaining I make an exception!

you have probably realised from my monthly updates when I find a new show I
like I tend to commit myself to it 100% without much in the way of distraction, so
although I would love to introduce you to a few different things each month if
I have not its because I am enjoying the one I’ve selected too much to spread
my Netflix viewing time elsewhere.

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