Family Fortunes Review & Competition

watched the show on television I thought I would be a natural because I was
always shouting out answers to the TV screen urging the contestants to state
what I thought was obvious BUT it’s much trickier than you think when you’re
under pressure to come up with the answers for your own team!

It has been a great game
to play over the festive holiday, Family Fortunes (RRP £19.99) by Drumond Park is such a
simple set up, nothing complicated to worry about so if you want a game you can
get stuck right into this is most definitely it! Although the game is aimed for ages 8+ youngest at 6 was happy to
play too, I think he liked having a buzzer to press and the questions usually
had something on them he could manage and if not it was fun hearing what he
would come up with. I liked the UH UH
sound when you get it wrong, almost worth doing it just to hear the same sound
from the show!

the answers are based on the most popular answers to questions from the show,
sometimes you cannot for the life of you guess them correctly! It is a challenge at times but then the next
round of questions you might sail through, I was not well versed in foods you
pickle but my mum was a pro. I like how
you all huddle round and try and come up with the answer if the other team does
not manage to complete all the answers, it’s a game that gets you working

of you has to play the game show host; I keep allocating that task to hubbie as
his maths is better to work out the scores! 
But ideally pick someone with lots of presence to make it even more

information and stockists are available on the Drumond Park website.

you would like to win Family Fortunes please fill out the form below by the 20th
of January.

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188 thoughts on “Family Fortunes Review & Competition

  1. Drummond Park make some great games, I didn't buy any this year and as the whole family were together on christmas day it was missed. We had a quiz instead but would love a game for the grandchildren.

  2. Ooo this looks brill! I love board games, great family bonding time coupled with a break from technology is always good 🙂

  3. i love family fortunes i bet we could have a good laugh with this Drummond park really do some great games 🙂

  4. eeeeeee urgghhhhhhhhhhhh (supposed to be the noise they make when answer is not there!) lol. Love playing games with my family on a sunday afternoon

  5. I loved Family Fortunes on tv with Les Dennis, all the family used to guess and we had a cake as a winner's prize

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