intu Christmas Age & £50 Voucher Giveaway

intu is all about Christmas at the
moment and they commissioned an interesting survey to see what the best age is
for getting the most out of Christmas, apparently 9 is the best in childhood
and 31 as an adult.

The video below presented by Johnny Ball goes into more detail about Christmas age and apparently 84% experience the joy of Christmas through their children. For me my boys definitely make it what it is, seeing the thrill and buzz they have throughout December is wonderful. But for many it can be a stressful time too so Johnny Ball wants everyone to take a step back and do what you like the most (even if that’s chain eating chocolate!).

I would say I appreciate Christmas more than ever at 37, although I am finding the seasons festivities particularly exhausting this year! I think we have been overdoing the grotto visits but I do not know how many more years of believing we have here with eldest being 8 and youngest almost 7, so we have been cramming it in! We have managed to see eight possibly nine Santa’s in total I think (but I have lost count as its been SO many!).

Another weekend, another santa 😁 x

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When the boys were tiny Christmas was a bit too overwhelming, they would get worn out just trying to open all their presents whereas these days they manage it all in their stride! I really could do with siphoning off some of their energy to get through the big day myself! My parents have had their Christmas excitement renewed having their grandchildren with them opening presents together, they like seeing their enthusiasm for the magic of Christmas and long may it last.

have been to intu Trafford Centre shopping centre before
its one of my favourite spots, they have some fabulous Christmas decorations and
its hard not to feel festive walking around. 
When we visited two years ago we saw this amazing tree, which moved its
mouth and eyes and sang! The boys were mesmerised
and it really helped with the build up to Christmas.

If you would like the chance of winning a £50 intu voucher please fill out the form below by the 14th of January.

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311 thoughts on “intu Christmas Age & £50 Voucher Giveaway

  1. I have a 5 year old daughter so Christmas this year has been great. She's so into the Father Christmas thing and is genuinely excited about Friday. On the flip side I work in retail so am completely ready for Christmas to be over!

    Think my best Christmas as a child was when I was 9 as my sister was 4, a true believer and although I had stopped believing she made it magical again.

  2. 5 or 6, When you start to understand the meaning of "money" and that parents/relatives have to "work" to buy gifts for you x

  3. I love Christmas – it's a great time of year as a child I'd say up until I was 10 I believed and then when I became a parent the magic of Christmas came alive again especially as the kids get older!

  4. I think your appreciation just changes…it's exciting when you're a child (maybe 9ish as they say) but then it's fun being with your friends in your late teens, early twenties, then it's lovely to see your children enjoying themselves! All good!!

  5. For me it was when I was about 4 when I started school and there was a big deal made out around Christmas time so it use to get me so excited but now am a mum myself I love it even more so 🙂 xxx

  6. I've loved Christmas ever since I understood what it was. It's my birthday 4 days after on the 29th and I've never really appreciated it as it's usually forgotten among the chaos of Christmas and the new year. Now that I have a little boy of my own I do everything I can to make sure he has the most magical Christmas experiences possible 🙂

  7. Probably about 8 or 9 – I got a playhouse in the garden which my dad had put together and also made a 'shop window' and a mezzanine floor and I got to paint it yellow, pink and blue all over!

  8. Can't decide between around 7 – 10 when I was enjoying the magic whilst keeping the secret of santa from my little sister, or my 40s now that I do everything exactly the way I want to and don't compromise at all and have so much fun!

  9. Probably around the age my eldest is now – 8/9! Old enough that you've had a few years experience and can get excited about what's coming, but still young enough to believe in Santa and not be cynical yet! 🙂

  10. I would say from age 3 upwards. Although i personally think that Christmas is the best when you have your own children (whatever age that is) nothing more magical than seeing Christmas through your child's eyes 🙂

  11. my children are 19, 17, 6 and twins aged 3, my 6 year old was so excited this year, I remember my older children the same between 6-10 (maybe slightly older), so would have to say between ages 6 and 10

  12. 43, which is my current age. Having four kids aged from 3 to 17, I've never appreciated Christmas more. Their faces on Christmas Day makes my year!

  13. I think it depends very much on the person, and what you get from it! In some ways I think about 7 when you understand and are fully aware but all the magic is still there. In other ways I think as an adult when you get to live through your children!

  14. This was definitely the best Christmas so far (29). My kids are 1 and 2 and loved the magic of it all and this year I did everything exactly how I wanted to. X

  15. Probably between the ages of 4 and 7 when the magic was still real. But I now appreciate it just as much now I have my own children as I get the chance to make it special for them!

  16. I don't think there is an age, Me & my son get just as excited now, just as we did when we were both children, we can't sleep christmas eve & get up about 5am, we absolutely love it.

  17. I guess I was 2 years old but I still love the feeling of Christmas.
    As Christmas is the best time of the year,
    with many songs bringing people near,
    I spend Christmas at home,
    with aunty having a good moan,
    my family cuddled next to me, and every ones expression showing their glee,
    With the fire burning bright,
    and the tree is a wonderful sight,
    baubles already hung on the tree,
    with many splendored colour for everyone to see.

  18. As a child probably about 7-8, but I dont think I truly appreciated Christmas until I was a parent myself and understood the time, effort and pressures that parents are under to make christmas magical for their children and families.

  19. I first appreciated Christmas as a child when I was about 9 when I stopped believing. As an adult, I appreciate Christmases so much more nowadays as having to work on Christmas Day for the last 2 years before this Christmas just gone, it makes you appreciate being at home with your family.

  20. I think when you're about 4 ish you start to Look forward and know what it's about is Father Christmas coming but I think it's not until your an adult that you appreciate what it's all about and enjoy the magic of it through your children's eyes

  21. I think when I was about eight years old. I wanted a specific doll and asked for it thousands of times and waited forever for Christmas morning only to find Santa hadn't left it for me. Left other stuff, just not the doll. Also a disappointing Christmas 🙂

  22. Under 10. I have a 5 year old and a 16 year old. My oldest said it doesnt feel like Christmas any more now hes older but my youngest daughter wanted it to last forever

  23. i'd love to see my daughter who is 6, get excited about christmas and santa until shes about 10, but realistically society and older kids can spoil there illusions of christmas and the magic at an earlier age of 8, we have a magic elf that helps the build up of christmas, and my daughter believes he is magical and flys to the north pole every night to report to santa, im 40 now, and the magic has always been with me, im hoping my daughter gets to experience the true innocent magic of christmas for as long as she can.

  24. Having two older brothers, the magic was curtailed at an earlier age as they couldn't resist telling me The Truth but then it was exciting hunting round the house for my mum's hiding places, then in my 20s, it was fun going out. Then as nieces and nephews bagan to appear, the magic returned – so I have always loved Christmas!

  25. I think my best Christmas was when I was 9 and I woke up earlier than my siblings and got to empty my stocking and have hot chocolate just me and my mom. To this day I still have the gold charm bracelet she'd picked out for me that year in my jewellery box.

  26. I really remember many christmas's as a child, but my favourite christmas so far was the one we have just had. My 2 kids are 5 and 17 months my 5 year old was so excited and into all the magic of it, and although my little one didn't really know what was going on she got excited from the buzz from her big sister.

  27. About 8 – 12! I think I reached my cut off at about 16, then it's just got progressively less exciting since then haha. When my daughter was little it was still a lot more exciting then just because SHE was so excited, but I think if kid's aren't involved in the day it lessens how much fun you have yourself on Xmas day. A child's happiness is infectious, especially at Christmas 🙂

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