New Year, New Hobby

hubbie bless him is quite insular in his leisure pursuits whereas I like
meeting up with the girls and putting the world to rights (usually accompanied
with wine & cake!) he keeps a tiny social circle (fitting in just the kids
and I when he is outside the workplace!). 
But I would love to see him take on a new hobby in the New Year;
obviously its up to him, but it doesn’t stop me making some “suggestions” and
giving him a nudge in the right direction (wives can be like that, I think its
caring, he thinks its nagging!).

once talked about getting a gun license and joining a shooting club for target
practise, I think he has watched too much Walking Dead and wants to be prepared
for the worse!

I think he might enjoy golf instead, I was looking on GolfOnline to see how much it would be
to kit him out.

My brother already
plays golf so he could join him and slowly start to increase his social
circle. Don’t get me wrong my husband is
social of sorts but within the confines of a computer games usually, he might
be a part of one clan or another and happy in that group, but I would love for
him to have a few mates to see in real life, to have a pint in the local and
talk about whatever men talk about…

he took an interest in golf then maybe the boys would follow suit, it might
make Christmas shopping easier as its hard to know what to get them other than
computer games, who knows I could be looking at golf
gifts for kids
next year! With a
gamer mum (of old, no time these days sadly!) and a gamer dad I want the boys
to be interested in more than just screens!!!

I have got him to start a blog (Hubby Helps),
so he might be reluctant to squeeze anything else into his schedule, I will let
you know if I have any luck convincing him to pursue anything else!

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